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I am always surprised at the speed in which irish setter puppies grow! Do they grow faster or just different to other breeds? When puppy owners take their new puppy to play school (for puppies aged 8 - 16 weeks) they are sometimes told by the trainer that their puppy is growing too fast and they should change the nutrition. The legs seem to shoot up and 12 week old irish setter puppies tower above the rest of the class...
Another worrying comment from the trainer can be that the puppy could have HD due to the gangly movement and long hind legs that wont fit under the body...
This is not a one-off experience.
What is your experience when you compare growing setter puppies to other breeds?

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It is a good training method.
I know this is an old thread, but I had to say I'm grateful for it being on here. We have a 16 week old and are currently nicknaming her Bella the Giant as every day we seem to be amazed by how much she has grown. The vet assures me she is the picture of health and a great weight and shape etc, but we never realised as newbie Setter owners the speed at which she would shoot up. We are now on accelerated "Leave" training as we can already see that the higher surfaces won't be safe for long and she is a bit of an Artful Dodger.
Well, Elisabeth and Cornelia, I'd really completely forgotten about this discussion... surprised you dug it up in the archives but pleased if it was of use to you:-))

Lovely photo of Joy with the terriers - I bet she was not shy for long!
I was having a root around in the archives to see if I could find something to reassure me that we didn't have some mutant long-legged Setter. When people meet me out for walks they can tell by her behaviour (oops)and face that she is young, but always comment on how "massive and skinny" she is!

I wanted to see if there was information out there to tell me that they grow fast early on and then slow down, otherwise at this rate I'll be riding her around the village like a pony.




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