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Budapest Eurodog Show 3-5 October 2008... Who is coming?

We had a similar discussion earlier in connection with the World Dog Show in Stockholm. Just wondering now who from this site is coming to the Eurodog held in Budapest - may it be showing or only visiting or taking photos :-) ? And what about the clubshow?

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Wish I lived somewhere I could just drive to another country for a show! Even to fly interstate here takes 5-6 hours and costs around $1000 just to freight the dog...
Oh no, I hate the sun! I'm a rain and snow girl. Maybe I should move to Europe?
Sounds a perfect move...! Come on Melinda, how can ANYONE be a rain and snow-person?
If you'd lived through a 45 deg C Australian summer, you'd be a rain and snow girl too!
Okay, you can have Fionni, Maia and Zep too, if you like haha (watches Willem running away)
Not rain and snow everywhere here. Although there will very likely be rain in Budapest for the show as I am coming over. Just speaking from experience - every single time I have been to Budapest I brought them rain.
We could employ you here as a drought-breaker *grin*
Alenka, don't want to hurt you, but please stay at home :-))) We don't want rain here, having an outdoor show (club show).
This is for sure - Alenka does bring rain always wherever she goes :)
I would love autumn if I lived in Europe. All those lovely colours and pretty leaves.
haha guess what! It's raining right now...in sunny Australia. Alenka, you DO bring the rain!
Hey Camilla do try to come. Would be so great to meet you!!!




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