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Budapest Eurodog Show 3-5 October 2008... Who is coming?

We had a similar discussion earlier in connection with the World Dog Show in Stockholm. Just wondering now who from this site is coming to the Eurodog held in Budapest - may it be showing or only visiting or taking photos :-) ? And what about the clubshow?

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Ill be on holiday in Italy (Florens) on those dates, getting fat on huge plates of pasta and at least one generous helping of italian ice-cream a day. Not to mention a glass of wine or two each evening. But Ill think of you! :-)
may i join you? :-)
my favourite italian ice cream wonder is Banana-Split...
Hey Laura...you will be at the show...Ill be stuffing ice-cream...on the other hand you may win something, I will only gain some more weight!
Hi Laura

Meagan is entered but I'm not sure yet if I can come.
But it would be nice to meet you:-))
oh, you have to come. i will try to talk to "that" lady again, so she joins you ;-)
Me going :-)
... and Sarah too.
Hopefully she will not drop all of his hair till then, as she seems to be getting :-((
a fene vigye el ezeket a lányokat... legközelebb fiam lesz, az tuti :-) konstansabbak szőrkondira, hihi :-)
.. már én is fiúban gondolkodom tudat alatt, úgy tűnik: his-t írtam her helyett :o)
ja, de még jó, hogy más sem tökéletes itten angolírásban ;-) sőt, még egész jók vagyunk, hihi.
I've entered Eddy to Working class for both shows. I propose we all go for dinner together Friday evening. I think I will be on a rather tight scedruale as I am coming home from Finland Tuesday evening, then have to work a bit also. Probably will arrive Friday morning from Zagreb and leave directly after the Saturday show.
Laura are there any numbers available on how many entries there are???
From Balaton there is a highway to Budapest. Should not take you too long.
we have motorways and also television and computers in hungary :-))))
keszthely is about 200 km from budapest and it should take you about 2 hours to get to the show site. i think there will be lots of traffic in budapest itself, because of the show.




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