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Budapest Eurodog Show 3-5 October 2008... Who is coming?

We had a similar discussion earlier in connection with the World Dog Show in Stockholm. Just wondering now who from this site is coming to the Eurodog held in Budapest - may it be showing or only visiting or taking photos :-) ? And what about the clubshow?

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das befürchte ich auch. werden sehen, was beim nächsten mal ist.
Polish Dream-Team results :D
English Setters
VENTU AT MARIS Magenta - CACIB, European Winner!
LILIAN Marisett - Eu. Jr. Winner

Irish Setters
Kerrimere WINTER WINE - resCACIB
COME AS YOU ARE Zambi - CAC (intermediate)

Gordon Setters
Liric NONE SO SPECIAL - Eu. Jr. Winner, Junior BOB (junior)
ARAGON z Ojcowskiej Doliny - CAC (intermediate)
Ludstar VINCENZO - ex. (open)
DREAMER Misialinka - CAC (working)
RUBIA Kaladan - ex.2 (working)

(results were written by someone else) - sorry, if there are mistakes
Results IRWS:
Chaersiveen Celtic Music JB, European Junior Winner
Taxus Dusky Eagle Owl CACIB, European Winner
Mirta Red Nokomis JB, Europan Junior Winner
Sorley Red Nokomis, CACIB, BOB, European Winner
reversed for BOB, rest same
I have a few pictures in my online album under: http://picasaweb.google.at/arthurthedog1411
Icould not take more as I had to run between different rings and look after several dogs. The last onesare from the club show.




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