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lymphe node results......very confusing / complicated

My dog "max" was diagnosed with ( initially anyway ) osteosarcoma and the option is / was to have his right ( distal radius ) leg amputated and the surgery went fantastic however during the procedure the Dr removed his lymphe nodes to test for definitive cancer yet this morning we got the results of the biopsy and now we're being told that it "MIGHT" , i use that term very carefully , not be osteosarcoma afterall they're now saying it's "spindel cell sarcoma" not the aggresive type cancer as originally thought before, although this is what we were told by the speciallist.

I'm not sure, if now, it is the less aggresive cancer therefore his life will be spared i can't understand how "max" can be given one diagnosis from a specialist, yet another dr tells us it might not be osteosarcoma like we thought it was therefore how do you determine what is the appropriate outcome if from what i was told that further testing needs to be performed to rule out the OS....i'm a little put-off by this crap....i'm getting married for gods sake exactly 3 weeks from today....enough already with all the uncertainty my "max" does not need any more stress and discomfort then he has had already.

Any help / perspective would be very much appreciated.


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