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Hi guys,
I know you may think this is far off but I want to take the time finding a top notch kennel. My fiance and I are getting married next year and because our nearest and dearest will be with us we need to find someone to look after our beloved Ollie for a week. The problem is I only have one other friend who's got a dog who I'd trust him with and she's coming away with us as my bridesmaid and my parents will be there! Every time she's taken her dog to a kennel (she's tried several) they've either come back skinny, with kennel cough or generally just don't understand what a setter needs each day. Ideally I'd have someone come here but everyone I trust (parents, brother in law) will be away too so i'm in a bit of a catch 22. I'd have him in the wedding if it wasn't for the fact that he would have to sit in quarantine for six months when he came home :-( Anyway I wondered if anyone can recommend an outstanding kennel in Essex and what kind of things I should demand (if they're taking my boy for a week I want to know he's going to be WELL looked after!)

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Lok up the company Barking Mad Hom from Home Pet Care. They have branches all over the country and will come out to see you initially to register your dog then find a suitable local host family for your dog to stay with and since yours will be the only pet being looked after at any one time, they will take entire dogs. They seem to have a strict critieria for taking on hosts who are also registered with the local council. They also always arrange a trial holiday to make sure your dog is happy..




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