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Hi Everyone,

we have a question and wandered if anyone can shed some light on this for us, our Tiffany is now almost 6 years old and just this year needed an emergency hysterectomy which seems to have gone well, however this past week or so we have noticed that the hairs on the top of her tail are becoming very thin to the point where we can see the white on her lovely tail..has anyone out there in "Setter World" had anything similar and is there anyway we can either stop or slow down the process.

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and advice, just to mention we live in the South West of France and many medicinal products are not so readily available over here... Thank you

William, Catherine-Marie & Tiffany xx  

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I know when we Ellie had her emergency hysterectomy her coat became fluffy within a few months and she lost hair from the tip of her tail,in fact her whole tail fur became very thin.Joan and I have never found anything to help but the fur has now started to grow back........ after six years! I know this doesn't help you but at least you are not alone in the experience.

My vet suggested some sort of hormonal replacement.That may be the answer but we didn't try it.


Hi Howard,

thank you so much for your reply and yes Tiffany's fur has become quite fluffy in fact almost bear like especially along her back, also as you said her tail fur has become a little thinner but so far just along the top edge, don't know if we would want to upset her system by attempting hormone replacement either, she has already been through quite enough as it is. We trust Ellie is well on the road to recovery. 

again many, many thanks for your reply.

God bless

Catherine-Marie, William & Tiffany


Pitanga's coat is a lot better since I gave her fish oils - the coat got back to it's shinny self. I have switched my girls back to lamb dry food and both of them have better looking coats since!

I don't know of any medication that helps and I personally would not try hormonal replacement on my bitch, but the little food changes did make a difference. She never got thin coat on her tail, so I'm not sure how helpful I'm being...

Hi Teresa,
thank you for your kind reply,
never gave fish oil a thought but most certainly will give it a go, about the food you gave it is readily available?
again thank you very much for your help.
Blessings to you all
William, Catherine-Marie and Tiffany x




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