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A "whipsett", a Gorpet?? A bl***y disaster?

I have been reading the outcross debate and some of the other stuff on here this week and I know there are some fine minds and caring people on ES! I am not a crusader, quite the opposite, but as a Setter owner and lover I have to highlight this!!

In the main we cross Seters by accident and when we see Lab x doodles and schmoozies and god knows what else we get annoyed but dont think much more.

Yesterday evening I came across an advert for puppies.

A "pet home" is advertsing Gordon x whippet for £300. There is a pic of a spindly orange puppy (cute at that age I suppose)

The Gordon community in UK is not large and I have subsequently discovered that the Gordon bitch has allegedly had a litter ever season and the "pet home" is not.

We quibble and bicker on here about all sorts of things but if we could do some good too?

Follow up on pups

Keep an eye on for sale ads on the net

Be nosy and report things that dont seem right

PLEASE dont condone these designer breeds anymore

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You can try and follow it up, but what can you do, it's not illegal.

I have seen English Setter X Staffie pups for sale on the net.

If the dog's are being crossed with illegal breeds then you have a case.

There was a litter of Whipsters some years ago - an accidental mating of Whippet sire x IRWS dam.  The puppies were sweet - hairy black and white leggy...and found pet homes...... whoever knows what happened after that?

If you think that is bad, just google Australian Labradoodles and see what comes up!  It's an eye-opener. 

Hi Lesley. Please may I ask in what way is it an eye opener? I did google it.

60% of accidents are caused by people, 93% of people are caused by accidents!

A couple of years ago I contacted a lady with a Louis daughter who had accidentally(??) got herself mated to her afghan dog.  This lady decided not to have the bitch injected but went ahead with the litter which she advertised for £600 (later reduced by half) as an eagerly awaited mating.  The pups sold like hot cakes.  This bitch was not 2 when she had the litter.  This lady was a member of the ISBC but the club said there was nothing they could do.  At her next season the poor bitch was mated again, this time to her Irish Setter dog.  She then had another "accidental" mating,  to the Irish Setter, which the KC agreed to register even though it was under the 12 month minimum period.  The bitch is just 5 years old and has already had 3 litters.  If this lady wanted to mate her back to the afghan there is no one and nothing that can stop her.  The KC records would only show the registered pedigree litters.  Even if a breeder were to endorse her puppies as "not to be bred from" it would only prevent the litter from being registered and there are plenty of unregistered puppies advertised in local papers at a reduced price and plenty of potential owners willing to buy them.

When I contacted this "lady" all I got was abuse.  She was well spoken, articulate and sounded like the perfect owner.  She certainly convinced the breeder.  She even showed this bitch as a puppy.  It just brings home to you how powerless you really are.

LOL I think if you looked very closely thirty years ago there were "alledgedly" Afghans in Setter lines "accidentally"

Necks as well!

So in a way Sue the rescue centre were right about your friend. Big problem with rescue these days is that they can fall prey to legislation if they refuse to rehome to someone. Couple of cases have been alnost in court so now you find that some rescue orgs are doing there best to put people off without saying you cant have a dog.

Home visit should have flagged up orher livestock - think maybe tour friend wasnt their ideal candidate??

Not being unfaitr Sue but you get "instincts" about people who turen up. Lay aside what you know about your friend and work witrh no knowledge

Quick question? If they kenw aboutr the bird why didnt they test the dog?

Your friend should have known - new breed or not - that the bird was precious to her?

Eva this is not unusual. Intesresting though! The recent PDE programme lays a lot at the door of the KC but I wonder if it isnt time to rout the Breed Clubs! The prodice a "Code of Ethics" are bound by a Constitution and yet claim "powerless to assist"

In the name of welfare, regardless of membership, I would make clubs responsible for the breed they represent and the KC the legislating power to bring these people to book.

It does need to be something like that but the KC need to be involved as they are the governing body of the Breed Clubs




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