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Dear all

following suggestions by a few posts and discussions, we tried the Mercola enzymes. Oberon had again  some episodes of bad eating and poor stomach, and I am convinced they can really help.. BUT: Oberon cant even get close to anything with that power on the top! Is sooo bitter.. I tried even to put it on a slice of ham, cheese and nothing works: the taste is so bad that he can smell it from 100Km and he just runs away with a very sad face..

I am wondering: how other people do? To be honest I tried myself ; )  and the taste is really bad, I have to agree... I am not sure why the company cant make them a bit more flavored , being for animals..

Anyway, suggestions on how to make a stubborn setter eating something that he considers disgusting and potentially poisoning are welcome : ) 




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Hi Silvia, We are very pleased to hear that you have sorted out Oberon's digestive problems. Best wishes from Susan, Hobson and Misty xxx

Considering Tally had become so poorly again when I put her on the Natural Animal Nutrition food, and then zapped right back up when I put her back to Nutriment (she prefers the chicken and the beef), I have just had her health MOT done, and her blood tests have come back absolutely amazing for an old dog. The only thing which was ever so slightly off the mid range were her neutrophils (white cells) which were just a tad over mid range, but not anything which signals anything awful. In fact on the day of the blood test I think she may have been fighting a bit of an infection, as she had been rasping a bit more and not her usual sparkling self. But today she is bright, and running around enjoying life again and no rasping. The vet was very very pleased :-) and of course so am I :-)

I am as of next week adding Astaxathin into their diet. This will be interesting as it is a very powerful anti oxidant which I probably need myself too.


I think you have hit the nail on the head SIlvia. It's a real trial and error with our Setters and their digestive issues.  Just because my other two are doing well on Natural Animal Nutrition's food, it certainly isn't for Miss TallyBags. Nutriment all the way for her.  By the way, I bought a dehydrator just for them.  They are really enjoying what I have been making.  On Friday i decided to try some kidneys.  Yesterday afternoon they were still sticky and the smell emitting from my kitchen was horrendous..... they thought it was wonderful and camped outside the kitchen waiting for any samples which might just happen their way. I was almost gagging.   I shan't be doing that again in any great hurry. I will however, try it the way Jennie Benstead suggested and see if that works.  I have only got to walk into the kitchen now and I have three dogs following me lol The strange thing is they won't eat kidneys raw. They won't eat them cooked - but dehydrated - they go mad for them!!!! bluuuurgh!!!

WOW Fran, I bet you are going to be very popular with them :) Soo spoiled !!

and thanks everyone!




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