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Hi does anyone know of a guide to show the ideal weight of an Irish setter puppy (male) as they grow from say 2 months to a year old. I know it depends alot on the breed lines and the type of food and exercise etc. but I would just like to know that I'm on the right track and Im sure alot of others out their would be grateful for this info.

Im feeding my boys (twins) what is says on the "packet" and they are happy and well, good shiny coats (& no ribs sticking out)  but they are 21 weeks now and weigh 17kg. They play together running around alot so perhaps use more calories than one puppy alone. They are both good eaters and i'm sure would eat more but should I give it? 

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Hi Julie

i had similar problems during the growth of Oberon: it is really easy to fing growth chart in terms of weight, but they do not contain the height, so is difficult to find out if the puppy is overweight or- more common with IS- underweight for his size... the only advise is that ribs should not be visible, but at such young age I am afraid their visibility  vary from week to week.. sometimes in just one week oberon was looking very thin and the week after completely healthy.. I guess you have to stick on his appetite and food charts, after he reaches 1 year or so it would be much easy to find out his right amount... my two cents of suggestion..







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