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To sum up a very long story, Romã broke her arm as a baby, and it did not heal as well as expected, leaving her with a slight limp for life. She got a bit worse over the last couple of months and was showing signs of pain, so I got worried. My aunt, who does quantic therapies for humans, kindly offered to give her some sessions and see if she got better. I though that no harm could come of it, and took her for a session.

Here is the amazing part: Romã absolutely loved her session, was completely relaxed in a strange environment for the two hours the session lasted, with no complaints. What's even more surprising (to me at least) she a lot better and has no sign of pain or discomfort. I don't think she ever walked as good as now!

I did not expect such great results, and certainly not so fast! She's definetly going back for some more sessions!


Has anyone ever had any experience with alternative medicine in their dogs? What were the results?

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I give my 11-year old Gordon Reiki treatments most days.  She loves it - totally chills out, and will come and lay down beside me if I ask her if she would like some.  They know what's good for them!  A couple of years ago she had a cancerous tumour removed and was given about three months because it was such an aggressive cancer.  Two years on the cancer is back, but the vet is amazed she has been healthy for so long, and she continues to ignore the vet's predictions!

I'm sorry to hear her cancer is back and hope she'll keep fighting it as hard as she has so far!




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