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Anything  I post here doesn't necessarily reflect my personal opinion, but here is an interesting take on the dry versus natural diet argument. Take from it what you like.


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Fran, thank you for posting the link. This article is very well written, I hope it helps others to convert to raw feeding. Perhaps you should also post it in the ES raw feeding group in case they don't see it here first ?

I totally agree and have been attempting to eliminate processed foods from our diet and embrace clean eating. But it seems that I need a "Feeding Raw For Dummies" book! I read and read and dont know where to begin. Do I arrange to purchase large quantities of whole chickens at our Farmers Market? (a little more expensive since they're organic) . Arrange to get tastey beef organs etc from our local grass fed beef farmer? (Where we purchase our meat) What quantity and diversity do I feed an 11wk old pup? ....I'll review the raw feeding group again. Sorry to appear so anal about this, but want to do it correctly when we begin. :)

thanks so much for posting this Fran, very interesting and am cheering silently!! however......I have two dogs who enjoy raw feeding and one 11 week old puppy who was weaned on raw and then refused to eat it the minute he came home to us!!! Like you Kimberley I didn't really know where to start and was so worried about getting it wrong so this is what I do...may be totally wrong and others may throw up their hands in horror but here goes.....I cheat! I give mine Natural Instinct, yes it is quite expensive but it's all done for you, comes in ice cream tub size with lots of different flavours to try. I also give green tripe, lambs hearts, liver kidneys and anyhting else i can get into them...not all at once i hasten to add!! The one thing they all love with a passion is chicken wings...the puppy has been having them from a very young age..so funny to start with as it took him ages to chew through but he got there....they also have  neck of lamb and chicken backs...all bought through  the same place as I get the Natural Instinct....did try the butcher but very expensive and not always readily available. The do sometmes go off the raw so I just feed Lily's kitchen or Natural Instinct, the puppy has Orijen with cooked mince at those times. I really think it is the way to go and will keep trying!!

Thank you Christine that helps alot. :)

No harm in Natural Instinct Christine. The only problem I have with it, is not enough organ meat and the variety of bones isn't great. I do give mine Natural Instinct, but they also get a lot of organ meat. today they had their favourite lambs hearts. I found giving hearts to them as puppies, it took them forever to eat them because of those little needle teeth. I chopped them up whilst they had their baby teeth. We also visit farm butchers every so often and stock up on bones. They usually give them to us if they have some left over from special orders, or a very small fee.

A good book for starting is "Give a dog a Bone". Ian Billinghurst. It says temporarily out of stock a Amazon.


I have been considering  running a raw feeding workshop for those who want to start. Some dogs seem to be having real difficulties taking over, and what worries me is that experiments on mice have shown that when they are consistently fed junk food, they will start to refuse healthy food.  The reasons for this is that the manufactured foods deliberately work on addiction, and also the gut/brain interface starts to program the brain that junk is best. It can take a while to convince the brain that it is not about to be poisoned, but little by little, bit by bit it can be done.

Lol they had to test mice?! Watching what human children eat when given the choice wasn't a clue? haha Thank you for the book suggestion, I'll watch for it. :)

LOL yes, that's the mentality of scientists I'm afraid. They have to test on animals to prove the obvious.

I would like some opinions, the feeding instructions that I received from the breeder recommended low protein diet to avert HOD. I'm currently feeding Taste of the Wild, Prairie Blend which is about 28% protein ... I'm sure they get lots of protein when on raw diet, so should I be concerned with the amount he's consuming?

Hi Kimberly. As Karen Becker mentions in the video, its not the level of protein which is important, it's the quality and type of protein which is important.  If the proteins are vegetable based, then they are not species appropriate. Also the cooking processes alter the structure of the proteins, which makes them poor quality. 

Somebody who has just converted her dogs to raw feeding posted this on Facebook last night and it is another interesting article which backs up what I have known for some considerable time.


Thank you Fran! Very interesting article. Reconfirms what's been in my heart, just need to get my "quality meat" resources lined up.

Also,do you remember in one of James Herriot's books where the housekeeper was away and we find out that Tristan used the meat left by the butcher meant for the dogs, for that evening's dinner?!?! lol




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