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Anything  I post here doesn't necessarily reflect my personal opinion, but here is an interesting take on the dry versus natural diet argument. Take from it what you like.


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Oh additionally, Considering that the only products I have ever purchased from Mercola are krill oil and enzymes for Tallulah, because I have yet to find products which rival their quality, he has obviously been on a real financial looser with me. Cheers!

People health: Fran are you a fan of Tosca Reno? I wuv her! : )

No.  But am interested to know more.

She's an author and "the queen of eating clean"!

Fortunately it is not my problem, Fran.

However I find it ethically highly questionable that you suggest your friend died of cancer because she was not willing to adhere to your suggestions.

It is my opinion that by spreading the views of Mercola and others you could cause harm.

You may be interested in this statement found under Wikipedia:

 Mercola has also received three warning letters from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for violations of U.S. marketing laws. The first two letters, dated 2005 and 2006,[12][13] charged Mercola with making false and misleading claims regarding the marketing of several natural supplemental products, which violated the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act.[4] In the most recent letter, sent in March 2011,[14] Mercola was accused of violating federal law, by making claims about the efficacy of certain uses of a telethermographic camera exceeding those approved by the FDA concerning the diagnostic and therapeutic potential of the device (regulation of such claims being within the purview of the FDA). Dr. Mercola has challenged the FDA's order stating that "We believe that the FDA's warning letter is without merit and is an attempt to regulate the practice of medicine, which the agency does not have the regulatory authority to do. Our use of the thermography device is consistent with its 510(k) clearance for use by health care professionals in their diagnosis and treatment of patients."[15]


Susanne. I said she made her decision and I made mine concerning diet !!!  She remained a good friend right to the end, and often told people that she could never do what I was doing because she would miss the foods she loved,  That was her decision, and mine was mine.  I am still here - but I haven't a clue how much longer it will last, but what I can say - I saw chemotherapy ravage her to hell.,. I also watched chemo do this to my mother.  A friend of mine lost her brother just before Christmas and it was the chemo which put him into renal failure which could not be reversed. He just slipped away after the second treatment.  The family were told it was the chemo which killed him before you say anything ! After seeing what chemo did to my mother, I vowed never to have it myself, and I took that vow again after seeing the way it ravaged my friend.  In my opinion it was chemo which killed them, and indeed with regards to my friend's brother, the family were told that it was the chemo which did it. So, the position is, if I am never going to have chemo, what do I do. Just continue along and hope for the best? or look at what others have done which have boosted their immune systems to help them fight the cancer?   If this was all hokus pokus then I am certain that by now I wouldn't be here, I was hitting the wall big time, now I am not. All I have done is changed my diet to eradicate things which are scientifically proven to feed cancer, such as sugar and junk foods.  As well as shrinking the tumor. it has also reversed other failures which were going on. On top of this, eating fermented food has undoubtedly boosted my immune system that I am much better equipped to fight off bugs than I ever have been. 

Well done Fran, keep fighting the good fight for your health. I wish you the best.

Sadly, Susan, money is behind everything.

All one can try and do is be as educated as possible, weighing all options and circumstances and then make decisions based on what works for your own given situation. Doesn't matter if it's dogs or personal health or whatever.

Being in the wine industry, new wine drinkers will say frequently that they are not connoisseurs and only like sweet wine that costs $10/ bottle as compared to some $100 dry red. I always tell them that 'you like what you like' and shouldn't apologize for it and that at $10 vs $100, they can buy 10 bottles rather than one. Used responsibly of course!

I think with regards to Becker, Mercola, Jones and others of their ilk, that yes they make money from their products, but they also give a lot of their time and energy to provide information free of charge which challenges the drug cartel monopoly on medicine (and who makes more money out of ill heath than big pharma!!!!!), quite often with no link to any product they are selling to just educate people that there are better and often more successful alternatives than what the pharmaceutical industry have to offer.  If people are uncomfortable with that, then that's fine, you make your own decisions, but don't go around beating up people who have nowhere else to go and have the guts and courage to take the road less traveled.  I am living proof that the alternatives can and do work,  as are two of my dogs.  If people want to take out something good from that and do their own research as I have then fine.  If you don't, then you don't.  I couldn't give a flying f...!  It's entirely up to you people to make your own decisions. I am just providing the information which helped me and my dogs.

quite right Finn. It all comes down to personal choices. Everything in life is based upon choices, and people can only make choices when the information is put in front of them. Nobody should condemn anyone for making a decision which doesn't go with their own convention.  I am not telling anyone they should do this, or that, BUT what I won't stop doing is providing people with information that there are alternative ways.  Yes, I did put this information to my good friend who died. I accepted she wanted to go the conventional route, and she accepted I had made an alternative choice.  She always said to other people "I cannot do what Fran is doing, I just cannot do it", but that didn't make her a better or worse person than me, Just different. The fact that I am still here, and she is not is maybe a testament to those who want to listen.  It's the same with my dogs. I listened to other people who provided information that there were alternative routes which could possibly be successful, and as I had nowhere left to turn with conventional medicine with regards to Tallulah, I gave the alternative route a try. The fact she is still here, two years after she was supposed to have died again maybe gives hope to those who want to hear. 

I agree with something like rabbit, but Bess gets a lot of chicken carcasses, chicken necks, turkey necks etc, lamb breast (lungs) which might make a stew for a starving child but is not what I call human quality food. The lamb, beef and pork minces are the trimmings left over from the human butchered meat.

If it wasn't for the rabbits I would be feeding Bess a full diet on £30 a month including delivery. Cost is not the reason I'm doing it, but there is little of Bess's food that I'd be inclined to eat.

When it comes down to it we all do our best to give our dogs the best diet we can - much like our children. I agree its personal choice

Hi Finn.

I would just like to say my two dogs are both raw fed and it is the best thing we could have done for them.

I must also add, it works out cheaper for us to feed this way. The price depends where you buy the food.





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