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Having joined up here last week meaning to introduce myself, I then got distracted by everyone else's gorgeous red boys and girls :).

I will introduce myself and my red and follow it up with a picture or two of him.


I'm Julia, 25 years old and in Gloucestershire. I've always admired Red Setters, ever since childhood (my mother is the same about them) but either due to financial reasons or circumstances that weren't right to have a Setter, I only got my first three years ago (he was three in July :) ).


I have gone from loving the breed to totally adoring them and I can honestly say now that i would not have any other breed (terribly biased!). They are absolutely wonderful dogs and have everything, the character, the soft-as-butter temperament and the looks.


I have a three year old boy who goes by the name of Harley. I say Harley but he's been called many other things when I have discovered he has tipped up the plant pots in the garden, traipsed mud through the house, or has been found sleeping on the bed. He knows going upstairs is banned but he seems to think that ordinary rules do not apply to the wonder that is him ;).

I can honestly say he has been the most trying but most rewarding dog I have ever had. I say he is 'mine' but in truth he is my mother's. I have just done the training on him. The hard work has paid off as he has gone from an errant young pup to coming straight back to call in open spaces, sitting and waiting at roadsides, sitting and waiting until he is given permission for his food (to the point where if I call him he will come away from it) and generally being the most loving and gorgeous dog ever :o).


I've not long moved out of my parents home (financial reasons) and I miss him like mad although I do go and walk him daily. I am planning to get a Setter of my own rather than just having shared access with my mum as my life now does not feel complete without a big ginger, hairy creature doing crazy things and thrusting it's head in to my lap for love and cuddles :-D.


Anyway, enough of me, here are some pictures of 'my' ginger beast :-D.

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Hi Julia, welcome to the site, thanks for sharing Harley with us, such a handsome boy and I love the last photo, so wistful but thinking "can I grab that camera!" I do hope you have your own irish soon, like you I had a long wait for mine, I now have three (one is never enough!) and have been accused of being a bit obsessed by friends who have no idea how setters creep into your soul!! I have found this site to be a mine of useful information thanks to the experience shared...enjoy and let us know when you get your specil redhead!!

Hi Christine, thanks for the welcome :). I do think he is very handsome but I am bound to think that :). Yes, he always seems to be plotting the next bit of trouble he can get himself in to. At six months old he'd already learnt that if he stood on the pedal of the kitchen bin, he could ransack the scraps from the dinner oplates. I caught him one day and our Spaniel was just sat there watching as much as to say 'Just how do you do that but Uh-Oh, now you've been caught' when he saw me watching them both :).


They really do get under your skin and in to your heart. I loved them before Harley came along but I think it's now safe to say that I am a devotee of them. My heart has been stolen by a Setter for sure!

Thanks Viv. I am still having a look around and have lost count of the amount of pictures I've seen that have made me go 'ahhhh' or 'I know that look' :).
Double post.

Hey Julia

What a gorgeous boy.  You will find lots of amazing information and support on this site from all over the world, and where ideas and opinions may vary from time to time, the one constant is the immense amount of love we all have for this amazing and unique breed.


Thanks Cathy :) I joined here partly to learn more about the breed as a whole and partly to share my enthusiasm for the breed. You are right, they are very unique and there is nothing quite like a Setter :)
Welcome to ES!!  Setters are wonderful, I have had them my whole life, growing up and now have my first since moving out and getting married.  She will be 2 in October and there are times when I want to scream and say "I will never own another setter!" and there are times when I just laugh and say "I could never be without a setter!" They are wonderful, trying, loving, mischievous, stubborn, obedient, balls of red and I wouldn't want one any other way.
Thank you Katie. You know, it's funny you should say that because that's exactly how I've felt with Harley sometimes! They are exasperatingly wonderful and you're right, despite the very trying episodes I would never have Harley any other way :o).
Welcome julia, Harley is very handsome.Hope to see lots more pictures of him
Hi Kenny :o). Thank you, I am just about to upload some pictures now although it has to be said, Harley does look a bit of scruff in most of them as he loathes being groomed so I only do it when I have to and on our walks, he delights in exploring the undergrowth so always manages to come out of the bushes and hedges with half of the foliage attatched to him! :o).

Hi Julia !

Welcome to the site ! Hope you have a great time here. Harley is a beautiful boy !! and I hope you get your own new ginger bundle very soon :)

~Michelle & the boys

Welcome to ES Julia and Harley It seems we're all a bit like our IS's just have a love for life!!




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