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I know it sounds funny, but since yesterday morning Anton's tail has been hanging down. We had a run and a swim on the beach, and we had quite some exercise and fun. Then we had an not so nice encounter with a big aggressive Akita who pinned Anton down without any reason.


Anyway, I coulnd't detect anything wrong with him, so we tried to forget this incidence and continued our morning. However, when we came home, i noticed that his tail was hangingn down, actually as if he was unhappy about something (he does this when he gets his eardrops). Or maybe his canine ego has been hurt :))


His tail perked up again when we went to another beach this morning (not where the wild Akita is). We had a good hour swim and run and he was fine - until we went home. Now, his tail is limp again. So I can't imagine it's anything physical. Any suggesttions what could be wrong with him?

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This happened to us only last week... it hadn't happened before and although I had heard of it, didn't connect the two.  It happened to him the day after a bath... at first i thought that one of the visiting kids had done something to him!!

His tail was back to normal a couple of days later.

Just to report back that Errol's tail is back on form. And about time, too.


Btw. my dog sitter said the limp tail thing has also happened to her Beagle X, also a boy.... go figure.




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