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Hi everyone and greetings again from our little part of France...

I can't believe it but every time I'm on these discussions it is for advice so I hope that you can all help.

Firstly let me say that as it is now the weekend and our vets are closed since Friday till Monday and there is NO emergency vets for our area which is why I'm looking to you our extended family.

You all remember Tiffany our beautiful setter well since her hysterectomy a couple of years ago well just today all she has done is slept and has not eaten anything not even her fav. treats also over the past few weeks she has had problems going up and down stairs and she really don't like going for long walks we used to walk at least 2 miles morning and evening but now she seems rather reluctant to walk far on top of this as mentioned previousley she has put on some extra weight which we just cant seem to shift she is now 7 years old and we don't want to loose her but both Catherine and I are getting worried now and we can't see a vet until next week  so any helpful advice or possible causes and solutions would be greatly appreciated.

We love you all

William & Catherine and Miss Tiffany xxx

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I wish I could advise you but this really sounds like a job for the vet,without seeing Tiffany it is difficult to know.All I can advise is let her rest and don't worry about her not eating,at least for 24 hours or so.It may be she has a painful stomach and walking is hurting it and ,maybe,by not eating it will settle down.

I hope your weekend is not too fraught.Let us know how things are tomorrow.


Thanks Howard,

it is possible I suppose because she does normally eat all her dry food, but she just seems so lethargic although she is drinking which is always a good sign.

it is her walking up and down stairs which is a cause for concern a couple of years ago she would take them two at a time now she takes them one at a time and waits until she has both paws on one step before going onto the next. Anyway I mustn't go on. Again thank you for you kind words and I will let you know tomorrow how she is.

God bless

William & Catherine...ps Tiffany sends her love too  

I'm not much help either Catherine but I'm sure as more read your post they will give you some help. Love and hugs to Miss Tiffany. Keep us up to date. :))
First thing I would do is check her temperature. If it is up she may have an infection and then you should find a vet.a normal rectal temperature for a dog is 101-102 Fahrenheit . This would be my first reaction if a dog is poorly or not behaving normally. Please let us know.

Hi William and Catherine, I am very sorry to hear that Tiffany is so unwell. I agree with what Catherine has said. If any of my dogs (or horses) do not look "normal", the first thing I always do is take their temperature. If Tiffany's temperature is too high, can you travel to an emergency vet even if this takes you several hours? I would not wait until Monday if her temperature is too high. If Tiffany's temperature is normal, I agree with the other comments. Because none of us can determine what is wrong with Tiffany, I would keep her rested and make up a broth for her, if she will drink this. Would she eat a little cooked chicken (not with the skin)? Sending Tiffany very best wishes from Susan, Hobson and Misty

Thinking of you and hope everything is fine.

Hi Catherine, we cant help, but thinking about you!!! how is tiffany today?

Hello again to all our very dear friends on ES.

Catherine & I and of course Tiffany thank you for all your kind advice and good wishes.

We by chance came across our local vet this morning (a miracle I think) and he immediately came to see Tiffany took blood tests and temperature check which was 116F  and diagnosed tick fever caused by a very unusual tick in this area he then gave her some treatment and told us not to feed her today but by Sunday she should be well on the mend.

Once again we all thank you for your love and concern it was and is very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend

William, Catherine & Tiffany  

Pleased to hear Tiffany has been seen and will soon be back to her usuall self (",)

wonderful to know that the vet has seen Tiffany already:) awful tick!! a hug from us and let's hope for a speed recovery :)

I love happy endings <:0) Great news

Great news,thanks for the update.




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