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Rather than hijack another thread, I thought I'd start anew. We have, at present, 5 hives in our apple orchard and though we're not fanatical beekeepers, forever opening the hives and pulling out the combs, enjoy having them here.They're doing well, pollinate the fruit trees and give us over 100lb of honey a year.


Touching some wood .  .  . there's never been any problem with the setters getting stung by the bees, it seems to me that the bees take us and the dogs as part of the normal surroundings and ignore us. And the dogs keep clear of the hives, fortunately - at least I'm hoping the puppy won't take it into her dipsy head to explore the fenced off area.  Of course when there's upset in the apiary and the bees are swarming or we've taken the honey off, we keep the dogs well out of the way - I haven't found a beesuit that will fit an irish setter yet.


Our older dog doesn't like anything sweet, but the puppy has honey, yogurt, goatsmilk and an egg several times a week and loves it.


Does anyone else have bees with setters, and do they have any problems with the dogs getting too curious? Or the bees too hostile? Uses for honey, beeswax or propolis with the dogs?  Or their owners?

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I had to comment,  the thought of an Irish Setter in a bee suit was very funny.

In both senses - I'll get to work on a stripey one for the Ringcraft Christmas fancy-dress party :)


I meant the white one with the mesh mask but this is just as funny.


Very good :-)




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