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Any experience with inflamed salivary gland?

First of all I have to apologize for the medical expressions. I have no idea if I´m using the right words...
I was just translating them with any translation programme...
In December 2008 I suddenly noticed that Vito was salivating much more than he ever did before. It was on a very cold winter day, just after the weather has turned from nice autumn to cruel winter. I found this strange somehow and went to the vet. Very quick she found what was wrong: The salivary gland in his throat was inflamed and overblown. The vet told me that this was nothing harmful, probably due to the cold weather Vito had a cold and the gland had to do with this.
He got antibiotic that didn`t help. A few weeks later I went to a second vet just to be sure and to hear a second opinion (animalhospital)) and they told me the same: I shouldn`t worry and I shoud just be patient, this would disappear but it could take a few months... I have to say that these vets all have a very good reputation and I trust in them. But when it comes to Vito`s health I´m very concerned...
In March 2009 I found that the gland was still a little overblown. It was as if there was a little sponge in his chin and I went to a third vet.
(I have these three: Main vet, hospital and homeopath) This vet is a Dr. as well but also very good in homeopathy.
She was the third vet to tell me that this was nothing bad anyway she gave him a few pills and within three weks the gland became normal again!
Everything was fine until last week. It has become colder again, summer has gone and we have had the first colder days when suddenly the gland got bigger again.
Don´t get me wrong: I´m not checking this night and day but when I touch his chin while caressing him I notice it.
Today I went to the homeopath again and she gave me pills.
No I hope that it is going to be fine again. She said this gland should not get too big otherwise it should be removed and this would be difficult to operate.
Has anybody of you ever heard about this? What are your experiences?

Thank you for reading so far :-)

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I had a bitch, my Sheena, with this problem in the 70's, and at that time the vet operated and took out one of her salivery glands;
She lived quite happily till nearly 14 with only one gland;
Perhaps nowadays they have better ways of treating this problem; but if ever she does need an operation, not to over worry, the dog can live quite happily with only one gland;
Our Zennith had recurring problems a few years ago and actually had 1 removed. Then after more problems the vet found a small stone in it. It seems that was travelling through them. Once that was removed, no more problems.




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