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Hello everybody
Has anyone got the results from Zagreb - 3 shows on one weekend? Would be interested in the reds and red and whites, but could not find anything so far!

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I can let you know some results...
Club Show Friday night:
Irish Red Setter:
1°Ecc.Cac.BOB.BOG.r.BIS Brigitte Bardot degli Angeli Rossi
1°Ecc.Cacj Connery Sean of Red Irish Dream
1°Ecc.Cacj.Best Junior Dawnmaen Calypso Bancle at Heldur

Irish Setter Red & White:
1°Ecc.Cac.Bob Sinead Red Nokomis (i am not sure...but i think)

International Show Saturday:
1°Ecc.Cac.Cacib.BOB Lady Swan Stardust Ziggy
1°Ecc.Cac.Cacib.BOS Brigitte Bardot degli Angeli Rossi

1°Ecc.Cacj Fidip
2°Ecc Connery Sean of Red Irish Dream

Winner Show and Middle East Cup Sunday:
1°Ecc.Cac.Cacib.BOB.r.BOG Best Winner Brigitte Bardot degli Angeli Rossi
1°Ecc.Cac.Cacib.BOS Lady Swan Stardust Ziggy
1°Ecc.Cac.r.Cacib Chic Choix Quincy Jones

1°Ecc.Cacj. Junior Winner Connery Sean of Red Irish Dream

At moment i have only this results, i let you know when i have complete results.
Thanks so much and big congratulations! - I wish I had been there with my Red and Whites..... but after all my adventures I did want some break.
I don't have any results from Zagreb, but I know that on this show in sunday was only one red&white ! - Cormallen Moonlight Silver (champion class).
I think this one was absent...nobody enter in the ring before Irish Setter
I had also heard that there was none on Sunday - what a shame!
Cormallen Moonlight Silver won BOB:-)
They didn't stay for BIS because of the weather..
Do you know who was there the other two days?
No sorry...Andi wrote me only about Rufusz




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