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Our NZKC has begun the Accredited Breeders Scheme with genetic tests to be done - among the tests for Irish Setters is von Willebrands Disease - and it is mandatory.


Has anyone ever come across an Irish Setter with vWD???

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I thought the IRWS were susceptible, but don't know about the reds?  Maybe they're lumping them all in together?

I remember a IRWS breeder writing something about it affecting the breed.

It is more common in Dobermann's, GSD, Golden Retrievers, German Short Haired Pointers and a few more I can't think of at the moment.

It's a blood disorder.  I believe it's something to do with the blood not clotting properly.

Humans can suffer from it as well.

I know what it is - I don't know any Irish with it!   The strange thing about our ABS is - the only test for Irish NOT mandatory is Thyroid - & I've come across a fair few Irish with problems.
Yes, and I have had 3 Irish with thyroid issues, I think it is time for mandatory testing.
But there are different kinds of thyroid problems , and there are different reasons/causes  for them, not all genetic, and the way test results are interpreted is not always consistent, so testing and identifying a thyroid problem doesnt always help with making the right decision about breeding, at best it may tell you whether a dog has a problem and whether it needs medication for it
I wouldn't be a bit surprised, Melinda LOL!

Haven't heard of it in Irish Red Setters, certainly not in the UK.  Have heard of it in IRWS.  I believe there is a DNA test done by buccal swabs.

Melinda is probably right.......they are lumping both breeds together.

Not sure but I think that in the US they test for this...I am sure that someone will tell me otherwise...

VWD was found in IRWS, but there are different tests for different forms of VWD.

If its in the IRWS, there is a high probability that it will be in Irish Setters too. But of course, if one tests Irish Setters using the wrong test, it wont be found!

It was first noticed in IRWS when a breeder saw puppies who were bleeding from the mouth when shedding their first teeth

Mel,  I like you have also trawled the internet, kept putting in WBD in Irish Red Setters and it kept coming up with IRW's only (and of course breeds like Dobes etc that we all know about) even the US sites, so I assume it is not found in Irish Red Setters.  

So where did VWD in IRWS come from? If you look at IRWS pedigrees going back before the 1970s its almost entirely red dogs. The first cases found in IRWS were only a couple of generations down from red dogs. The only other explanation is some undocumented ancestor from another breed that does carry the same form of VWD (IRWS  breeders wont like this!), or a sudden  recent mutation in IRWS post 1970s

CLAD must have existed in Irish Setters long before it was identified as a genetic disease, breeders simply had litters of "fading" puppies, most of whom died. It could be the same with VWD, but as the affected puppies usually  die rather than living to reproduce more affected/carriers , it wouldnt spread too quickly. There were only two litters found in IRWS, although rather more carriers


You are right Margaret CLAD did exist long before it was identified as a disease and many breeders are now looking back retrospectively and realising what it was they had.  I think if  litters of IS presented with the symptoms of VWD somebody would eventually have found out but it doesn't hurt to keep an open mind and eye.  However you cannot sweep these things under the carpet for too long.  Either of your explanations for VWD in IRWS are possible.  Speculatively speaking it would be interesting to know who might have introduced the undocumented ancestor.........a bit like Bloodhounds in IS.

I know there is a DNA test for VWD in IRWs but would it work for IS should the need arise? I haven't seen it listed among the DNA tests at the AHT........but that only means I might have missed it.  Will look again.

Pat, can you test for it in IS in NZ? 




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