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Are there any laws about keeping alsatians/agressive dogs? Myself and betti have had 2 incidents recently

Last night myself and Betti were out walking, when i heard a dog barking from a house we were walking past, there were large trees around the house i couldnt see what type of dog was barking so i crossed the road as by the sound of the dog it was not a small one, a very large alsatian emerged from the bushes barking angrilly at us, i faced the dog and shouted at it enough for it to back off, and it eventually did. Betti is a very passive setter and is afraid when dogs behave in this way, she stands behind me for protection, and if a dog goes at her she lies down submissively, my fear is that a dog like this would tear her to shreads.


We had a similar incident a few months ago in another area where the same thing happened, but this time the alsatian did not back down it crossed the road to us and got within inches of attacking us only a car came along and started to hoot its horn and flash its lights, this frightened the dog away from us. I approached the owner who prceeded to tell me that the dog would not touch us!!! He did not take me seriously.


Are there any laws about keeping these dogs? should they be tied up, or in a closed space?


Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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There are laws against owning certain breeds i.e Pit Bull, Pit Bull types but it all seems to be a bit 'hazy' 2 months ago my Partner was walking our Irish Setter up a quiet rural road when out of the blue a Pit Bull type dog came over and started to attack him Andrew spent 10 minutes throwing this dog off Hamilton until someone came out of a house and 'phoned the police - they didn't want to know!! Eventually a woman came along to say she was the owner and the dog had escaped and told Andrew to hit it. By the time Andrew arrived back home he was dripping in sweat, his hand was badly bruised and he was visibly shaken, as he said had it been someone less fit he doesn't know what would have happened. Again the police were phoned and we were given an incident number - we're still waiting to hear from them and the dog is still around.




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