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At a loss what to do with my poorly girl Lily

Has anyone any ideas what could be wrong with my 4 year old entire setter? She has been suffering recurrent interdigital cysts, dry coat and lumps and bumps all over her and now has a lump on her lip. I walk her for 2 hours every day but she just keeps laying down and panting. I know it is hot but she lays down even on cold days.

For the past year I have been so worried about her. She has gained 9 kg in weight despite the long walks every day. She has had 3 operations as the vet has to sedate her as she is so frightened she won't let anyone near her. She has had 2 scans of her ovaries, a thyroid test which came back normal and been referred to the Davies Hospital. The specialist just kept telling me she was obese and that would cause her exercise intolerance. I don't know of many dogs whose owner religiously walk them for 2 hours come rain or shine. Most of my friends' dogs barely make it out for more than 20 mins a day!!!!

Having owned a setter as a child I know that my beautiful baby is not right. She is not over fed, has 2 meals a day, none of our food but often barks for her own food. Maximum 4 small treat sticks a day and yet the weight gain continues.

Finally, her coat is thin and dry with bad dandruff. When I collected her after the op yesterday her coat was completely white with dandruff (she wasn't like it in the morning). I am sorry for the long post but I am so worried. Everything I google points to thyroid issues but the vets keep saying her result last year was normal.

I would be so grateful for help and ideas.



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Fingers crossed for you and Lily. Hope all those pills help quickly. Perhaps fresh air will help her stress levels even if it is in the middle of the night. Hugs to you both.




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