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It is a lovely afternoon here and I was enjoying a walk with my dogs.I saw a very large Doberman come into the park so I had just got Arthur on his lead ,when the owner of the Doberman said 'my dog is not aggressive' he will play with yours,so I left Fred off his lead ,Ellie had already gone to hide as she does with strange dogs.The next thing I know the Doberman runs at Fred gets hold of him round the throat and the top of his head and starts to shake Fred.Although Fred is big this dog was bigger,he didn't have a chance.The Doberman wouldn't let go and the owner was hitting him with his dog chain.I had hold of Fred by his tail but was frightened to pull him as I thought the bite might tear but I knew when the Doberman let go Fred would retaliate.Luckily, another dog walker came to help and took Arthur out of the way.Eventually Fred was let go and I got him straight on his lead.He has a puncture to his ear but,thanks to his thick fur,his neck seems to be ok.It is quite a minor injury but he shouldn't have been injured at all.My adrenaline level peaked! The dog left the park with,I must admit, a very apologetic owner, and Fred and my other two seemed quite happy to play.

I am trying to find somewhere better to walk my dogs.

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Thank you Henry and Sheree,

This is my Police Force's attitude (Northamptonshire) and I think it stinks!


My pet has been attacked by a dog, can the police do anything?

It depends on the circumstances but there have been decisions in the past by courts and authorities to suggest that it is the nature of a dog to kill and wound small animals. Therefore, in the event of your pet being wounded or killed by a dog, it is not a certainty that the police would take any action. The only possible recourse is to take civil action against the dog owner but this would depend on the circumstances.

However, there are different regulations where the attack involves farm animals and this is an offence. This answer does not take into account deliberate attacks or dog fighting, which are also offences. >>

What do you make of this attitude?

That is dreadful, I'm only down the road to you in Milton Keynes and they have a whole different attitude, I have the email address and phone number of the local CPO and she acts as soon as I report anything.


I know you probably have your hands full walking three of them, but I certainly find that carrying the jif lemon has helped calm me, knowing that I have it to hand if anything approaches us in an aggressive manner.


I wonder if there is some local body that you could complain to about the police attitude?  I did try the dog warden when Henry first got attacked and they put me onto the police, do you have a dog warden locally that could help?


I hope you get it sorted, it's a nightmare and takes all the pleasure away from exercising them, doesn't it?

It does,the Jif lemon is a good idea,I have plenty of pockets to put it in if I can find room amongst the treats,poo bags,a torch, a whistle, my epi pen, useful bits of string(!),my glucose sweets,mobile 'phone,a cuddly toy, a fondue set..........the pockets are bottomless!

I will contact my local Councillor for her advice regarding the Police,she may just know .

Thank you,the information is appreciated.
So sorry this happened to Fred, and I am glad to hear his injuries were relatively minor and that he is okay. It is very frightening when something like this happens. Sometimes dogs can be very well socialized and then they just happen to meet a dog they intensely don't like for some reason or other. I saw the same thing happen with my neighbors collie who regularly came to play with my dogs, they would all have great fun together but one day the friendship stopped and suddenly and without any visible reason that I could see the collie attacked my girl Tiger. While both dogs were still friendly with every other dog they met, they remained mortal enemies to each other for the remainder of the time they lived as neighbors. Sometimes even the best socialized dogs can do the unexpected and ever since I am always on the alert when I walk my dog or introduce my dogs to other dogs, My heart thumps when mine play with other dogs since that day, and I tend to prefer going where I dont meet other dogs. The lemon juice is a great tip I will carry a jif with me too on my walks from now on. Hope Fred gets over the fright of what happened and that it doesn't affect him adversely.

Once again Fred was attacked yesterday morning and by the same dog that has attacked him at least six times.He doesn't attack Arthur or Ellie.I was in the park at 6.30am,we walk early to avoid this dog, with my friend and her black lab.There was no sign of other dogs but the owner does lurk in the bushes and trees.Suddenly all hell let loose as the dog attacked Fred.Arthur thought it was great fun and stood barking encouragement.When I got to them so had the owner and I managed to lever Fred free.Fred was defending himself the best he could but he is a total softie and aggression is not in his nature.He has a couple of small bites and I have ,today,found another on his tail.The owner was trying to make out his dog was innocent but I was having none of this and tolds him that he knew that his dog didn't like Fred and that he had always attacked him,even when not anywhere near him,like when I was walking down the road and the dog has run out and attacked.My friend and I both said he should be muzzled if loose .I know this dog has seriously injured a Westie so it is not just Fred he dislikes.

I was glad Fred is not a show dog because he has thick fur round his neck and that saved him from worse injury.

I have not reported it as my Police force is not interested and I never heard from the dog warden about the attack by a pit bull type a few weeks ago.

I know there will be a next time and I worry about it but I am very restricted where I can walk and let the dogs free.

Howard this is just so awful and such a worry for you and Fred. It's very tempting not to report it to the Police, but I'm afraid I would be creating 'merry hell' it is their responsibilty to do something about it why should this dog stop at other dogs what if it were a young child. There was a small dog attacked and killed by 2 other off-lead dogs about 2 miles from here the other week and needless to say the owner is being prosecuted for having dangerous dogs off lead in a public area. Really hope Fred is alright and it doesn't affect him too much as he gets older. Hamilton now 7 has never got over being attacked on 3 different occasions whilst he was on a lead as soon as he sees another dog coming towards him he starts barking and snarling, unless it's a female


Susan and Lois you are so right, Fred is nearly eight and,luckily,he hasn't turned nasty with other dogs but I wonder if he might have a go at the attack dog if they meet again .I do carry a Jif lemon but the attack started 'out of range'.I have a very stout walking stick and I will start using it when I go out and using it ,if I have to,to defend me and my babies.As you say 'Sod the consequences'!

I will report it to the Police but I know it is not 'their policy' in this area to take action when it is a dog on dog attack.

You are right,Fred is ok,it's me and my wife who are not.

Thanks for your kind words.

Howard, I do think you should report it to the police and keep on reporting it every time it happens.  Make yourself a nuisance.  They might act just to get you off their back.  It is a b..... shame that you haven't been bitten  I don't mean it in any way other than if you had the police would have been forced to take action!!  Can you not tell them that the dog launched himself at you.  It is only a suggestion but it might produce some result.

I have over the years had my dogs attacked on numerous occasions.  The perpetrators had my boot and I didn't really care where I got them. Unfortunately you are not only dealing with an aggressive dog you are also dealing with an owner in denial who can also react if you bash his pet. 

We used to meet a Dalmatian who was very aggressive and attacked many dogs.  All the dog walkers clubbed together and got the dog banned unless he was muzzled and on a flexi.  It worked. 

Keep pestering the police and good luck.

Oh the advantages of being female.  Go girls!!!!

I hate that this is something we have to keep dealing with....you would think that the owner of the agressive dog would always leash him after the first time it happened.  Sounds like the neighbor who lets her pitbull out the front door to run....says it has never harmed anyone but just barks and charges!  We have called but by time police arrive dog is back inside....actually was told to get the dog into by yard and keep it there until they arrive........great idea if I wish to be attacked, don't you think?  Some people need to never be allowed to own a dog!  Excuse is it is my daughters dog and she is away at college which just makes me grit my teeth even more as when she was home for last four years she never once took that dog for a walk and I can just about bet it has never had any of the required injections!

  Howard I am sorry that this keeps happening to poor Fred and to you....we should be able to walk our pets without fear of attack.......have you talked to others who use the same walk area to find out if this is happening to other's pets also?  Would a petition of names help?  Hard to believe that it takes a major incident ( human bit or injured ) for law enforcement to decide to step in.  Give poor Fred a hug from us. 

Hi Howard.

I hope Fred is not too upset. We know how you feel as our dogs Simba and Samson were involved in a similar situation a couple of weeks ago. We had just spent a nice day fishing on our local canal and were heading home for the day. I was loaded up with all my fishing gear and my partner had the dogs on there leads. We were approached by a young man with two dogs one on lead and on off (Staffie and a Pitbull) The man said its ok they are both friendly but the one off lead started to have a go at Simba as we turned round to try and separate them and the Pitbull that was on a lead decided to grab Samson by the throat and was violently swinging him, we managed to separate them and Samson would not stop Houling,The man said sorry and was very apologetic .We checked the dogs over and could not see any damage, But when we got home we found that Samson have five punture wounds on his lower jaw.

This has upset us all as we had both are dogs on lead and neither of them would hurt a flee.Why can these people get away with having these dogs not muzzled that is what i want to know.

On contacting my local police force they did not give a damm which i find disgusting,What if they attacked a child?

Anyway this week in our loacl newspaper the police are now looking for a dog ownwer of a Staffie and a Pitbull in connection with a attack on a small child i bet any money its the same owner.

Samson is all healed up cosmetically but i think it may of affected him mentally as on our walk the other night he did cower behind me when passing another dog.




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