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It is a lovely afternoon here and I was enjoying a walk with my dogs.I saw a very large Doberman come into the park so I had just got Arthur on his lead ,when the owner of the Doberman said 'my dog is not aggressive' he will play with yours,so I left Fred off his lead ,Ellie had already gone to hide as she does with strange dogs.The next thing I know the Doberman runs at Fred gets hold of him round the throat and the top of his head and starts to shake Fred.Although Fred is big this dog was bigger,he didn't have a chance.The Doberman wouldn't let go and the owner was hitting him with his dog chain.I had hold of Fred by his tail but was frightened to pull him as I thought the bite might tear but I knew when the Doberman let go Fred would retaliate.Luckily, another dog walker came to help and took Arthur out of the way.Eventually Fred was let go and I got him straight on his lead.He has a puncture to his ear but,thanks to his thick fur,his neck seems to be ok.It is quite a minor injury but he shouldn't have been injured at all.My adrenaline level peaked! The dog left the park with,I must admit, a very apologetic owner, and Fred and my other two seemed quite happy to play.

I am trying to find somewhere better to walk my dogs.

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another shocking story. They are attempting to ban pitbulls in Australia. Lots of bitten children and adults. One just recently in Sydney.

I'm so sorry this has happened yet again Howard, I feel your frustration and anger.

If it helps others to know, only a few weeks back the Westie was offlead again, despite there being a police order that it has to be kept on a lead at all times when in a public place, it snuck up on Henry from behind, took a bite out of one of his feet and knocked him off his feet with suprise, then went for his throat.  It all happened too quickly for me to get my jif out but I was screaming all sorts at the owner, needless to say, Henry and I hobbled home and it was reported to the police yet again.  Henry's wound was only a minor one, thank goodness and, although intermittently lame for a couple of days, he has made a good recovery and it hasn't dampened his spirits.

I'm so lucky that the police here in Milton Keynes are on the ball, they instantly gave the owner a final warning, since then there has been another complaint made against the dog, I fear that the owners bullish attitude to the law is going to result in this dog being taken away and destroyed.

I cannot understand this, surely if you love your pet you make sure you abide by the order given by the police so that you can continue to enjoy sharing your life with it???

I'm going to a meeting with the local police on 1st July, at their invitation, as there has been a massive increase in dog on dog attacks.  I'm not sure what can be done about it but I'm a firm believer in reporting each attack, just incase it can lead to a caution or similar to the owner.  Maybe if enough people complain about the same dog(s), then the police will be able to act, if they aren't aware of whats going on then there isn't anything they can do.

I hope your lovely boy is ok and that this doesn't happen again.

All the best, Sheree

This is so distressing for everyone who has encountered these types of problems and yet today we took our 2 boys to agility classes approx. 20 dogs all shapes sizes and breeds all happy and friendly off lead  - responsible owners!!
Good idea!




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