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Can anyone suggest something to stop my dogs having bad breath? I do not want to change their food as they are doing very well on it, they have raw tripe and Burns complete. I did try garlic granules but that smelt the whole house out!

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Well, you could try brushing their teeth or using chewing bars. I started to use the bars a while ago and it hepls a lot both with the breath and the cleaning of the teeth. The brushing alone won't help reducing the bad breath, just prevent it to increase... I personally combine both and it works perfectly, but i only give them dry dog food.
Thank you I will try both.
hi hilary some days my dogs breath smells and i feed on raw tripe the denti stix do help
I use something that I add to my dog's water bowl - it is suposed to help with tartar and bad breath, and it does help. I purchased it on the Drs. Foster and Smith website, but have also seen it at pet stores. You may also consider getting your dog's teeth cleaned at the vet. I also use Greenies.




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