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Hello all,

Well our little monkey has been up to no good - he was staying at our usual home boarders when we went away last weekend and they told us he was trying to get into the dog cage that their own dog sleeps in at night and he has nicked his paw pad.  It was bleeding but they treated it and stopped it bleeding and cleaned it.  

Ollie is limping around now like the big drama queen that he is (even though if he sees the cats he can magically put it on the floor and jump on it) but I have looked at it and I can see a small slice about 0.5cm long on his paw pad.  It's not deep but I'm inclined to clean it again tonight, disinfect it and bandage it up.  

Spoke to the vet and they said if it's not bleeding he doesn't need stitches and they can bandage it if we want but it's easy enough to do at home if I keep it clean.  

Anyone got any tips on bandaging a dog paw and keeping it on?  When I had to bandage my old Boxer's paw she kept pulling it off and that was with a trip to the vets as well.

I do feel for him but I've looked at it and when he shows me his paw he doesn't yelp or anything, he just is obviously protecting it so I want to help him out.

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The anser to your problem could be baby socks and velcro. Bandage as usual pop on a baby sock (chariety shop is a good place to get these) velcro round the top turn top down, it worked for me. Good luck

I also put another sock in the other paw. It makes them confused as to wich sock to remove, the walking feels the same in both paws, and generaly the stop making a fuss a lot quicker (at least mine do)

Yes, involve the other paw!  I used to bandage the cut paw and also bandage to other one with meat paste/fish paste/ marmite etc (not all at once tho') between the layers of bandage. Only a tiny smear of tasty, smelly substances - not enough to make a meal but just to make the 'well' paw interesting.  I also put something horrible - to dogs - on the poorly paw bandage.  I think Vick Vapour Rub was most hated.

So nasty smell on cut paw - leave alone.  Attractive smell on not cut paw - interesting to take apart.... then get fed up with the game anyway! ;o])))

Hi Nicky Hamilton had to have his paw bandaged due to a wound there's a picture of him on my page with 'said paw' on one of the 2 Blogs. He was very proud to show it off whenever asked so long as he was made a fuss of, hope it helps

I find Olbas oil will stop our dogs from attempting to chew off a bandage or lick a wound. Countrymun do brilliant boots to provide outdoor protection..they are long and I found they stayed on better than some of the short ones. However I can't find their website so perhaps they no longer exist?

Vetwrap elasticated bandage is a useful item too...just tape end with extra sticky tape.

I have found for the dogs the blue bandages work well, as it sticks to the layer of the bandage underneath(although it isn't sticky) and you can get it in the supermarket for about £1 a roll.

It is called a cohesive bandage and it says it's " ideal for sports use, flexible support-moves with the body, sticks to itself "

A friend has just told me about camrosa, anyone used that for a cut pad? Harry has just sliced his this morning so am giving it a try!!

Hi Christine

I never used carnosa myself, but the reviews that I see on line (mainly from horse riders) are quite negative...




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