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I was wondering if anyone had any recommendation on car cages and Irish setters. 
We are taking a big leap and moving to Norway from the UK in a little over a month and we are driving as that is our only option. Our one and a half year old girl is obviously coming with us on this new chapter in our life, but because of the length of the trip and for the sake of being as safe as possible we want to get a propper cage for her to be in in the car. We don't drive much around here and have not had a large car that a crate would fit in as of now. But we're going to drive an estate car that will allow us to have a cage in from now on, but I am so unsure on what type of cage we should get and also the size it needs to be. Harley is on the smaller side of the scale when it comes weight and height, only 20kg and not as tall as other setters we've seen. I was wondering if anyone on here has any cages to recommend? :) 

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Hi Ellie.

Wow a real life change! I wish you lots of joy in your adventure.

As to cages, we have always had custom made cages from a company called Barjo. They are very sturdy, and do not move around, as they fit the car boot, being made specifically for that make and model. they usually have a door front and back so if there is an accident preventing the rear door of the car from opening, then the dog can still be extricated. I know there are other companies that do similar, but can't think of them. The cage we currently have, allows our girl Misty to stand up (just about) and sit  or lay out as normal, but it would of course depend on the size and shape of the car. Some rear doors fall away quite quickly and may mean that laying down is the only real option for a big dog :) To be fair, I want my dogs to lay down when we're driving so no problem there!

Hope that has given you a starting point. 




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