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I'm sitting here after a very long and tearful early morning and want to ask other ES friends what symptoms they experienced when their much loved setter had bloat? :(( I thought after much research over the time I've had my boy Flame I'd definitely no if he was suffering from this terrible condition. I'd even read everything everyone had said on ES discussions, luckily but after a harrowing ordeal of been given the run around from our local after hours vet at 3am this morning my much adored Flame is still with us and he's sisters Ruby and Poppy. I had like you suggested checked if they could do GDV surgery and they said YES!! I was so upset and distressed, not to mention poor flame when they expelled the gas in his stomach and sent me on our way to our animal emergency centre one and half hours away!! Three hours later he had emergency surgery where they were fantastic and so caring, I would of gone there in the first place!! Honestly his symptoms were so minor, such as a little tired and yes a little agitated. It was only when I got him to our local vet that I noticed that his stomach had expanded ( shocked ), all vitals normal. No temperature, no high heart rate, good gum colour. Please, I just don't understand :(( The xray confirmed, I guess every doggy owners worst fear. I know there's a long road for him and I'm writing this I guess for some help, as I truly thought I'd know if it was bloat. I'll make the trip hopefully back tonight as he was still in recovery after the 4 hour surgery when we left. I'd like to say hello and drop his favorite things and pray he makes a speedy recovery to he's normal cheeky Irish self. Thanks for listening x

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