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My puppy is terrified of car rides. Even of car itself. (My car is very nice looking). Is anyone else have a same problem?

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Amber is a bit better now. We still ride in a car with her on someone lap. She ignores all treats - still too much busy being afraid.
As a progress - I was cleaning car from a snow in the morning - she was next to me and not trying to run away or hide. I didn't turn car on. It helped.
When we going to a class last Sunday - my son got in a car and then put blanket over his lap and Amber just jumped in to his lap. Again - car was off. We are getting better. Thanks to everyone for help.
Great news Inna
Just keep being consistent with her and Amber will make great progress
Remember they are just babies so little steps forward are great :)
I had friends over for a weekend and she pointed to me very interesting fact – my puppy is like a child who is 3 years old! I remember my kids being three – running around, trying to get my attention, making mess in a house. Funny!
Finally I got metal crate for Amber to ride in a car. I have SUV, so only one crate can fit on the back. What if I’ll get another dog? I need another car then. 
they do make suv crates - but lol welcome to the world of dogs - bigger is never big enough :) when it comes to cars suvs and vans
Yeah - the more dogs you get the bigger the cars get!!! lol
Then my next vehicle should be a bus oh noooooooooooo lol




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