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Hi I just shortly .......I have 12 months old dog Irish setter and he still has baby cotton hair on both side of ribs cage. How is possible to change it to proper adult glossy, strong hair. He is very nice build up accept that hair......:(......

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He is not fully grown yet so it should go by the time he is 18 months old.

Thanks I hope you right. On spine line he has nice hair it is just sides where he still looks fluffy. I did start worry because many setter has that kind of hair all live........special field trial dogs but his parents looks great. I wasn't sure it can be wrong food or what........if it is age I am happy with that....

Thanks very much

I agree he's still a youngster. We've had it on the legs in the past and just finger stripped regularly to improve it.

Just a thought is he entire or castrated? That may have some bearing on the case.

Hi Sue,

He is not castrated. Jasper is mine baby for dog's show and friend of mine has only 2 months older dog and his hair is perfect...no fluff. I trying to stripping with stripping knife but I don't want to over do it. So you saying I can continue with stripping slowly.

Thank you very much.

I would only use fingers not a stripping knife as its on his body, and would try to be patient and give him more time. You could try one of the Yumega products in his food to see if that helps it along.

OK I will keep going according your advice.......sound good, thank u for advice Sue.

Hi, my Setter was nearly three years old when he got rid of the last of his baby fluff. For some reason, his hung around for quite a while! I just groomed him regularly and used a human leave-in spray conditioner to stop it getting matted. He was also booked in regularly for trims at the local dog groomers. I hope this helps :-).

Hi Julia,

thank you for advice. I hope we will rid of that hair earlier..( is not helping on shows). I start striping and it looks a little bit better but after getting rain I can see fluff still. But on another side that fluff is cute...such a baby.....

hello zdenka! use a regular comb (with metal teeth) and put a rubber band into the teeth. old & damaged hair will stay in the comb! 

Thank you that sound good I will try it.

He's still young yes, but you can give him a supplement to help him grow a lovely thick, glossy coat. We started using sea kelp and Finn has since grow a gorgeous adult coat :)

Hi thank you for advice. I wondering have you some tip where to get it?




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