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hy i wonder if any of you have any advice my youngest ruby has had bother on her paw for the last year with a cyst she has been back and forward at the vets constantly with it flaring up they even operated and said they had removed it but it came back she wont leave it alone the collar doesnt deter her we have had to put a muzzle on her so she wont chew at her paw it goes away for a couple of weeks but alwayscomes back shes been on antibiotics foot washes but nothing helps does anybody else have experienceof this   any advice would be much appreciated

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Hi Barbara, sorry I have not seen this before,, I dont have experience with swollen cistis, but Obi has a few little tiny spots here and there (3 ) that I keep looking, I think if they grow I will rush and remove them, since few years ago he had a lump in the leg that the UK vet reckon to be a cistis and then , after growing to pea size, it has been removed and was a tumour. I have been told that these things can evolve, so I am tempted to remove anything that grows up to the point in which is dangerous (in the sense that an operation will leave too little skin and flesh)

Now, this cistis is the same as in your photo of 2012, right? Looks as it has grown but not that fast.. however, the area is a nasty one, right on the paw.. I dont think it will heal itself.. if painful can it be removed? what the vet said?

a big hug from us !


I am so sad to see your dog suffering with these awful cysts.Ellie died a few years ago now and she had the cysts until the end of her life.It has upset me to know that you are caring and trying everything with little effect.From my experiences,not a lot helps.But keep trying ,there must be an answer for this awful problem somewhere.Joan and I send our love.

Thank you so much Howard and Joan! Yes it is really sad not to be able to help our loved ones. It seems all tried not really help. With and without treatment it takes some days until the cyst disappears. Only when the swollen part is broken/open the pain go away.
Had Ellie these cysts also on different paws?

Hi Silvia, thank you for your reply! Tini has the swelling on different paws. They come and go away after a few days (when the swelling bursts). Probably it comes from an allergy - but nobody knows exactly. Fortunately she has it "only" a few times a year.
It is not the same as a Tumor, Lipoma or Lump (of which Tiny unfortunately has some). And cut away is in these places difficult because there many nerves. Big hug from us!

ok Barbara, that's annoying  but much better... I hope Tini will feel better soon : ((((( and these swelling will go out so she can jump again.. sorry I have no experience with this i just wish all the best that they will reduce soon ! 

big hug!

Thank you Silvia!

Ellie had them on all her paws. The vet once opened one up but it was just a fleshy mass.He is still puzzled about their cause and had never come across anything like it.I will send him your photos,if you don't mind.

Sure you can send your Vet my photos if you like Howard!

I will add two pics when it is open (sorry out of Focus!) Yes in it is this gel-like wound fluid.

Ok...i never seen anything like that in dogs but i have experience in humans of rupture of infected cystis and they explode with gel like or blood/pus...in that case sometime they are due to follicular infection. Maybe?

Thank you for the idea Silvia! I will research in this.
How is Obi doing?




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