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Somebody knows about cases of this disease among the Irish setters?

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Do you mean dwarfism , achondroplasia? It was found in Irish Setters in Scandinavia, I think in dogs who went back to Moanruad breeding. If you do a Google search , it should bring up some research articles about it.
I had also heard of dwarfism but am not sure if you mean this. Chondrodystrophia describes the deformity of the short legged breeds like Bassets and Dachshund. Do you mean that?
The man who some time ago has brought to Minsk the Irish setter puppy addressed to me. He said that when the puppy was small all seemed normally, and now his front legs look this way:
They are short and curve, but he has a normal body and head. It is very difficult for him to move, he almost cannot run... poor puppy...
I think achondroplastic Irish Setter puppies look normal at birth , but the short deformed legs become more apparent from 4-5 months. Where was the puppy imported from?
OMG...poor puppy:(((
Yes, it looks like Hypochondroplastic dwarfism, i also found the article with the foto of 2 young irish females from one litter...
If only we could know which dogs in the depth of pedigrees can carry this - to be very carefull when inbreeding... If somebody has information, please, you can write here or in private message for me.
I have no relation neither to this puppy, nor to its owner and unfortunately I even can not help them...
But having faced such horror in my favourite breed I want to know (or try to know) where can it come from. For the future.
The brother of this pure puppy in Russia has the same problem, I got his foto. Other puppies in the litter are normal.
Hi Lena. It would be interesting to see the pedigree. IF the mode of inheritance is a single autosomal recessive (as suggested for some other breeds) it would mean both parents must be carriers and all the siblings too. It would also mean there almost certainly must have been cases amongst some more distant relatives and people unknowingly bred from carriers. It would be excellent if the pedigree of the pup could be made known.
Family tree of puppies. Тhe the second knee. It is a hybrid of show breeding and working Russian + Baltic blood (in them there is no kennel Moanruad).
father of puppies
(Frinan Newyork Newyork Х Bora Izpod Belsce)
mother of puppies
(Тayson 2723 ( Tatsbro
Dansing Dioskury
2737 X Atlanta (working Russian blood)) Х Vega (working Russian + Baltic blood))




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