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Has any member been advised by their vet that the blood test results for their dog revealed Chronic Inflammation? If so, what was the health diagnosis of the dog at the time? How was the diagnosis of Chronic Inflammation explained by the vet? And what treatment was recommended by the vet?  

For those members who have never heard of Chronic Inflammation this is a link to an article in Dogs Naturally magazine http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/nsaids-inflammation-and-a-caut...

I will wait to see if I receive any answers to this question before I explain why I have asked it.

For those members who care about my English Setter, Hobson unfortunately I have to tell you that he is holding onto his life by a thread. I cannot even take one day at a time. When we go to bed at night or when we wake up in the morning, Hobson might appear to be alright. This can change in a matter of hours. Hobson is still fighting and I am beside him 24/7 doing everything I can to help him continue to live. Unfortunately I know only too well that the final outcome is completely out of my hands. It's not over yet though!!

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Dear Sue

Thank you so much for your "extra love and good wishes" for Hobson. I spoke to the vet who is in charge of Hobson's health today and she said that Hobson can be discharged tomorrow. I am extremely excited in one sense but extremely worried in another sense. I was advised that both Hammer and Khomet were going to come home, and soon after my hope was taken away from me. Another sleepless night is ahead of me. But I keep saying to myself that this is a different time and Hobson is in a different vet hospital.

Misty and I visited Hobson again today. Hobson wanted to come home with us again today. Hopefully tomorrow Hobson will be home. I have missed him so much. Susan xxxxx

Dear Susan

I am following the Hobson story with fear - even if I dont write because I dont feel I have suggestions that can help.. but just to let you know that we are all with you. I see you posted that Hobson is coming home, but at the same time you also wrote that the vets said he's not going to have many days left.. is very frightening. at least you can reassure yourself that in the end he found a corageous and trustable vet.. I really hope all the best for him. XXX

Dear Rosie

I received the extremely bad news the day I replied to Rosie's comment, i.e. 15 May 2014 over here in Australia. Thankfully Hobson survived this 48 hours critical period. I have received no phone calls which means that my boy is coming home today. Hobson has amazed the vets but he will not be safe for some time now. In order to kill the mite, the vets have to give a sheep drench chemical to Hobson. They have to be extremely careful with the dosage because of his kidneys. It is not desirable that Hobson even be given this chemical but he will die otherwise. The vets cannot give NSAIDs to Hobson to help him with his pain because of his kidneys. Hobson has lost so much weight that his eyes have sunken into their sockets and he could develop abcesses on his eyes. His body is still fighting this terrible infection which is placing stress on his kidneys too. Can you imagine how I feel about Hobson's vet and all the vets who ignored me. I feel so much anger inside of me but I have to send this anger away because it is a negative emotion which will serve no useful purpose for any of us.

Hobson's personality has started to come out now and he is "sorting them all out". Every staff member has fallen in love with him. Hobson has decided they are not feeding him enough so he is trying to raid all the food bins. Even though he is still very wobbly on his feet, Hobson takes off and goes into all the offices begging the staff for food. He is not happy about being fed dog food but he is desperate. Hobson knows his way around the hospital now. He knows which room Misty and I usually visit him in. When they mention they are going to weigh Hobson, he makes his own way to the weighing scales. They have realised he is stubborn and determined, but he has a way about him, as all English Setters do, that they simply "fall into line". 

I am so grateful that Hobson is coming home. I will need to find carpet to put on the tiles because he cannot have any falls. He is close to becoming paralysed even now. I will have to separate Misty from Hobson when I have to go out. She could accidentally knock Hobson over.

Thank you, Silvia, and everyone for all your well wishes. I will take a photo of Hobson when we are about to leave the hospital. I cannot wait for my precious boy to be back home again. Hobson has a long road to recovery but the university hospital vets have saved his life and given him a chance for more time, and hopefully this time will extend into years. Susan xxxxx

I am sorry, Silvia. I am so stressed I called you Rosie. I struggle to know what day of the week it is at the moment. Hobson is home. His vet needed to spend a lot of time with me going through Hobson's discharge treatment notes, and then Hobson was brought out, and then I forgot to take a photo. Hobson requires a checkup every week so I will try to remember next time.

My farrier saw Hobson this morning and he was completely horrified. He said he could not imagine how Hobson can come back from his emaciated state, but Hobson has already surprised the hospital vets. We can only take one day at a time.

Hobson's hospital vet phoned this morning to make certain he was alright. If only every vet could be like this. Susan xxxxxx

Hi, Susan, Marie from Adelaide here. I was briefly on this forum a long time ago and received invaluable advice mainly on feeding Oscar(at the time a pup).You were one of the ladies that replied.

My heart goes out to Hobson-and to you, I can only imagine the worry you have gone through- I remember the sick feeling I had watching Oscar(despite 2 vets dismissing me and insisting I continue trying canned/dry food).

I pray for you, x   

Dear Marie, Your kind words made me cry!! Thank you so much. I hope you will accept my friend request and I hope you will remain a member of ES this time.

Re food, Hobson's recommended diet to help him recover is Hills Vet Science canned and dried, initially id because of his long-term diarrhoea. Hills zd dried contributed to Hobson suffering GDV. It is my opinion Hills is one of the worst products to feed dogs. For the time being I have to go along with the recommendation though after last night I am minimising and then stopping the dried food. Hobson did not pass a bowel motion for 30 hours. Last night his abdomen was swollen. Dried food swells up inside the body. I was so worried. Also Hobson has been scratching constantly at night. Hobson has not scratched constantly during the night for about 12 months. I am certain it is the Hills food, particularly the dried.

Hobson's skin has broken down because he was literally dying before my eyes because his vet turned his back on him and no other vet would help him. It depends on the angle of the photo how Hobson looks. This is a photo taken 2 days ago showing the bleeding in his skin some of which is caused from Hobson scratching himself with his hind paws. I have found socks that stay on longer now. Hobson's skin deterioration concerns me a very great deal. He looks terrible in this photo.

If Hobson cannot sleep during the night because he is so itchy, I believe this will delay his recovery so today I offered him his certified organic raw meat/bone food and he was very eager to eat this. I only gave him a few tablespoons because one needs to be very careful changing a healthy dog's diet and Hobson is a critically ill boy.

Hobson only gets up several times a day to go to the toilet because he is so tired because he is emaciated. He seems a little brighter today. He wants to do everything he used to do, which is another good sign. One of the owners of the pet supplies shop where I purchase the organic food said yesterday that "prisoners of war" survived even though they were emaciated and he really hopes Hobson survives too.

Hobson has finally been diagnosed correctly so he has a chance now. Susan xxxxxx

Hi  Susan, Oh I'm glad you replied-happy to be your friend:)

Is there anything to relieve the itching? A soothing wash? He just looks so sore.

You're right with the food importance- good nutrtion, it's the best way to build up immune system.

Thanks for posting the photo's and his story-so the correct diagnosis is mites, yes? Any things that could prevent it? Or is it the constant humidity in Queensland, we usually have more of a dry heat but recently we had some humid days and I noticed Oscar sweats much more.

  It's just that I've never seen this disease, or is it that Hobson's colour predisposes him to skin conditions? Many years ago I owned a black/white English Setter(a "Blue Belton" from memory), a vet back then warned me that English Setters were prone to various skin conditions.  

Right now Hobson's spirit is  the best thing he's got going for him. I think a dog is like a human in the respect that even with the best care in the world you still have to have a mind set to overcome serious illness. And he's getting really good vet care and he's got you. Actually it kind of looks as if he's thinking to himself, sigh, how much longer must I put up with this??

And when you have time, please write, x Marie 


I really feel for you but I feel more for Hobson.

He is obviously very ill and in serious discomfort.

I won't say any more except how much longer will you allow him to be like this?


Oh Susan, the last picture has brought many tears to my eyes, we all know what Howard is saying Hobson does look truly pitiful in that picture.  I value your friendship very much but must agree that it looks like you now nead to be brave and let Hobson go and look after your Annie. I know this post will upset you but hope it will not change the friendship we have built over the past few years, take care dear friend X

I guess "care of", "love of", and "what's in the best interest of", is all relative.

Dear Marie

Right now I am extremely upset by Howard's comment. It appears that he believes he has more knowledge of Hobson than I do as well as the veterinary specialist and the team at the University veterinary hospital who have treated Hobson. This is why I am very "sensitive" about the issue of "euthanasia". 

I'll set the record straight. I am not keeping Hobson alive for myself. I am doing everything in my power to help Hobson continue to live because of his courage and his will to live. Also, there is now hope for his recovery.

I have had a very tough life. I do not even have a next of kin. I have been the carer of seriously ill family members. I have to  survive on a single wage. It would be more "convenient" for me to "euthanase" Hobson as it would have been to "euthanase" Hammer and Rose, but they are my children and each one of them means more to me than any other aspect of my life. I willingly sacrifice a great deal so that I can provide the best for my animal children. I am going to lose our home, but as I said, we can find another place to live, but there will never be another Hobson.

The reason I have posted these photos of Hobson is to show his complete neglect by his vet who I trusted and who I paid to provide the appropriate care to Hobson. He failed Hobson completely. He did not ever diagnose Hobson correctly. As I have said, I do not exaggerate. The truth is that there are serious endemic problems in the vet industry in Australia. 

I will answer your questions another time, Marie. Hobson has been suffering from 2 different health problems which have never been diagnosed by any of the 6 vets I have trusted since June 2009. Re his mites, he has been diagnosed with Demodectic Mange. If you do a Google search, this has nothing to do with the external environment. I will write more later. Thank you for your prayers, kind words and positive thinking, Marie. 

Hobson has already amazed the veterinary specialists and all the staff at the University hospital who have fallen in love with him. The reason is because of his courage and because of my unconditional love for him and because I did not give up. This is what several of the veterinary specialists have said to me: Thank goodness you did not give up. All of the staff including the receptionists cannot wait to see Hobson continue to improve, even though he is extremely ill. Then you will "eat your words", Howard. I certainly did not expect this arrogance from you.

The curse of the human species now is arrogance. Human beings think they know more than another when in fact they know absolutely nothing. They judge others even though they know absolutely nothing. They cannot tolerate the thought that others behave differently from them. Human beings are discriminated against and categorised, e.g. as a "pet owner". As I have commented many times, whether or not a human being chooses to breed or not to breed has absolutely nothing to do with their intelligence of their level of knowlege about how to care properly for a dog. Susan

My computer played up and I was unable to complete my last comment, but I think I got my message across. For some reason, Angela, I cannot reply to your comment. All I have to say to you is that you should be ashamed of yourself. This photo of Hobson showing his bleeding leg is no worse than any of the other photos. On the day of the photo of Hobson showing how skeletally thin he was, he could not lift himself up from his bed, he could not raise his head to eat, he could only walk a few steps with my assistance.

I believe a "picture tells a thousand words". While I was typing these comments, both Misty and Hobson sensed my distress. As I have commented many times, I believe in "intuitive communication". It was difficult for me to take this photo of Hobson because he kept coming over to place his head in my heart. He was actually looking straight at the camera but the flash took too long. This is what Hobson has to say to you, Angela.

How dare any of you tell me to "euthanase" Hobson. Look inside yourselves for the reasons.

I certainly do not need this "nonsense" so I will leave for now, but Hobson and I will be back, and Misty too!!

I hope Hobson's courage and my persistence will inspire others not to give up too!!





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