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C.I.E. Champion International d'Exposition (Int.Sh.Ch)

Does anybody know more about the "new" international champion of FCI?
I just know that it will be possible to make it after 1.1.2009 without any hunting test:
- 3 different judges
- 3 different countries
- one year and one day between first and last CACIB

Will it be possible to send the CACIB from the last years or have they been won after 1.1.2009?
Waiting for more information from you?

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I think FCI is going to put the detailed info on their homepage soon.
I can imagine that they want a CACIB title after the 01.01.2009 to be able to have the ICH according to the new rules but I don't know for sure. Maybe send a mail to them and ask :-))) and let us know!
yesterday evening there was a meeting from the leaders of all breeding clubs in austria (not only setters) with ÖKV and there I asked the same. the president from ÖKV answered that they sent a mail to FCI and asked for details but they did not reveive an answer until now.
I hope that maybe in another county there is more information about this matter at the moment as it was decided in september.
if it is like that, then I think this is discrimination. now we don't talk about championships in countries that might have different rules for achieving the championship, but the one that is confirmed back by the FCI. why applying different rules for countries that are all members of one organization and would like to achieve the same title? this would be really unfair...
the information about the new champion was printed in the fci magazine 3/2008. it is written that it is guity for europe! and also the austrian kennelclub said that this is correct, but they do not know the details jet.
so I think it will come for europe starting on 1.1.2009.
Are there some news to the issue? Official statements from FCI?
a mail has been circulated here in hungary:

Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

We inform you that the conditions of the International show Champion title (for breeds subject to a working trial) are as following :

The dog must have obtained 4 CACIB in 3 different countries under 3 different judges and a delay of one year and one day is necessary between the first and last CACIB (no matter the year of these ; the CACIB can have been obtained in 2008, 2007, 2006......).

Please find enclosed the formular to use for this title. You can send it directly to me as soon as this one is complete.
However, we inform you that we are working now on the computer application to can confirm this one.
For this reason, it should take a short time to can confirm this one.
In advance, we thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

VERBRUGGEN géraldine
Title Dpt
Thanks Laura! That is what I was waiting for!
At least in Finland many people have been applying for the new title with the CACIBs received before that date. I have not done that yet. :-)




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