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Hi, guys
Looking for any info on clad DNA, does your vet do tests
Or is it done through the kennel club ?? Sorry haven't got a clue !!!
Any info would be great 


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Hi , just checked rubys registratration certificate , DNA profile no says xxxxx, 
As does hers mothers and fathers certificates, she is registered with the Irish kennel club
?? Will contact the breeder !!!

Get your vet to take a blood sample and send it to the AHT with the correct form. But most dogs are CLAD clear by now, check your dog's registration document, it will tell you if both prents are CLAD clear. if so, no need to test your dog

But it needs to be both parents that must be clear, only one and that will need Rudy to be tested....ISAE or AHT will do the job...Or I suspect any of the breed clubs, through their health committee member...

Unfortunately there are still a few dogs that aren't genetically clear for a few things...




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