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Do any of your IS have a claim to fame? About 2 years ago we had a request from Hamilton and Wellington's breeder to get the boys to London the next day as The Friday Night Project had a need for 2 Reds. We took them on the train from Pluckley and at Tonbridge were moved up to 1st class  as there was little room for them to spread out where we were. You should have seen the look from some of the passengers in 1st class. From Waterloo Station we walked to the London weekend studios signed them in and then waited outside the restaurant for their Guest Appearance. Geri Halliwell, Lionel Blair, Alan Carr among others made a great fuss of them and the 'boys' were so well behaved everyone wanted to know if they were always so 'calm and collected'.


During the filming they had to stand beside a wheelbarrow full of beautifully arranged carrots and Wellington could not take his eyes off them - we thought any minute and they'd be all over the floor.


The programme celebrating the Reds went out on the Friday night without any hiccups and we really had a great day out and loads of fun 

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Hi Fran

What a lovely 'claim to fame' and great to know they behave so well when required to do so. They just love an audience and a new experience, I think Alan Carr has an Irish I'm sure he was on a 'chat show' not so long ago with his new puppy.
I think Alan Carr has an Irish I'm sure he was on a 'chat show' not so long ago with his new puppy.'>>
He was and he has!
Alan Carr's puppy was bred by Sandra Chorley (Kerryfair)
One of my setters "Storm" - Derryveagh Storm in a Teacup, was in a play called "The Miracle Worker" at the Westminster Theatre in London, it was the story of Helen Keller, a girl who was deaf, dumb and blind. He appeared on stage with Daryll Back who played Helen, Ian Lavender (ex Dad's Army) and Hilldergard Neil ( Brian Blessed's wife) for about 4 months. We travelled by train and taxi from South London where we lived at the time, every week from Tuesday to Saturday with Storm making two appearances at each performance and three times a week there were matinee performances too. He had his own dressing room, with a star on the door !!!!! and was sponsored by Pedigree Chum. We had great fun and made lots of friends, and finally laid to rest the old senario that setters are MAD !!!! His behaviour was superb, I was so proud of him, plus he earnt me £2,000 pounds!!!!!




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