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Hi everyone:

I wanted to take a minute and clarify some information I learned over the weekend about the situation regarding Denise Adams. Apparently after Denise's husband died which was about seven years ago someone started a story that an entire pallet of dog food was sent to her for which nobody was ever thanked. I spoke with Denise about this Sunday night. It is entirely untrue. I am not going to tell the person's name as it doesn't matter. What matters is no help was given to her by the local clubs. A few people that Denise knew did send her money in an effort to try to help her. Before Denise arranged to buy dog food from the person she knew she was feeding both herself and her dogs rice as that was all she could afford. So, if there was a pallet of dog food sent it never arrived. There was also a story started after the fire which took six of Denise's dogs as well as totally destroying her house that she was  "being well taken care of". I believe the same person who made the earlier statement made this one too. Once again I can verify to the untruthfulness of this statement. If she had received the help she had been promised she certainly would not need to have a fund raising page done for her and I would not have spent the time, effort, money and energy to do one. I still hope to be able to raise enough money or get enough time and materials donated to Denise so she can have a safe and reasonable living situation for the upcoming winter. We did contact Take The Lead and were told they could not help Denise except with medical bills.

I find the actions of people who make the type of statements above extremely cruel and vicious. I wanted to clarify the statements made above so the record was straight and in case anyone on this list had heard them.

As always, I welcome comments and suggestions from all of you regarding finding help for Denise. Thanks for taking time to read this.


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Maybe not my place to say .........but......... Do you have any discussions on setters you wish to view, pictures you want to share or anything other than statements related to Denise Adams.

I think you are posting on the wrong site, no one seams to want to comment wonder why ?


Good question. I know a lot of people have viewed the posting but only one person responded. Yes, I have other things to offer I was simply hoping the interenational community might help her too. I have spent so many hours and sent so many requests via email, phone and personal contact I simply was trying one more avenue.

I appreciate you responding and no further updates, information or discussion will be posted by me regarding the situation. I also felt it was important to let other people know some setter owners and enthusiasts of the fancy are not plesant or truthful in their comments. If someone doesn't know the truth about a situation I think they should not spread a story which is damaging and cruel. I simply hoped the lack of support and help for Denise was not due to the untrue, cruel and vicious comments made by this person.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

Mary Fairchild Shader

Mary, now I feel a bit of a heel, it is not my place to say anything. Just ............... well, ignore my comment. You post what you want, Gene who pays for this site will let you know if he is not happy with any post not ME.

I could delete my reply, but I don`t believe in trying to pretend something was not said, sorry.  


Do not feel bad about your comment. I welcome other people's opinions and observations. I did not intend to simply post only about Denise but when a dear friend who is practically living in squallor needs help I am one of those folks who will do everything I can think of to help. Exclusively Setters seemed simply to be another dog community which might be able to help. More than anything I would love suggestions of what to do different or where I can go that I haven't already to find help. Denise is also doing everything she can but is limited due to her income and not having Internet access like I do.

You made very good points and I did not mean to be terse or rude in my response. I do want the members of the list to know I did not intend to post anything further. The comments which were made were untrue and cruel and if others heard them and knew nothing different then they would be believed and it could prevent help from being given.

I agree, you shouldn't delete your reply or pretend you didn't say something you did. I admire your straightforwardness and wish more people would have the same attitude.

I look forward to posting pictures of my three Irish and stories about them. Particularly the newest one who is the oldest ones last son. He is such a pistol at six months and I haven't had a puppy in 20 years. I hope others on the list will help me and give me advice when I (and undoubtedly I will) run into a problem I don't know how to solve.

Thank you again and don't feel bad. Your comments are just as important as anyones. If someone wants to know anything further about Denise they certainly can email me privately and I will of course respond.

Mary Fairchild Shader

Hi Mary, so sorry to hear about your friend, had not heard this story before, missed it for some reason. I'm sorry I can't help at all but just wanted to say how lucky I think Denise is to have such a loyal, hard working and supportive friend as you. I'm sure she appreciates your efforts. As for posting on here, yes Gene would decide if something was not appropriate. Do hope you get the help for Denise that she needs..good luck xxx

Thank You. I will pass the information along.




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