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Is anybody tried clicker training. I’ve been only reading books about it. But didn’t have time to start it. If anyone had a positive experience – may be can share? The only advice I got from a friend that you don’t really need a clicker for it – you can use finger snapping, or tongue – to make a clicking sound. It might be really easy. Don’t think that possible to carry clicker always with you.

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Hi Lora,

Thanks for the info on snake training - I guess I will do it again. We have already seen a lot of snakes around here.

Please let me know how I can help with Izzy - I will do anything I need to. I may have to make a trip to Phoenix to a show and we can meet up! Yes, strip her topcoat on her back!!! I have been stripping Rio's 2x week and we are just now getting out that long wild hair. They usually get a strip down their back of puppy coat that is long and wild. As the adult coat comes in that will go away but as a puppy the only way to control it is to strip it. I have taken out "handfuls" of hair!! You can also strip her legs and remove the fuzz. Again, as she gets older that will turn from orange fuzz to dark straight nice coat. For now, the best thing is to strip it out as much as possible. Most people don't strip enough out so don't worry about taking too much. Truly, just "strip away"!!

Again, call anytime. I can talk you through any grooming concern. I just so appreciate the wonderful life you are giving Izzy - I can't believe all you have her trained to do! I am dying to see her with you on the horses. Let's get her conformation championship and then you can do all of the other "fun stuff" like obedience, agility, etc. I WILL help!






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