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Hi all, I have alway understood that a dog who walks with their tail high is a sign of confidence, maybe I am wrong but if this is right then I am now confused.

My two older dogs do in fact walk with their fails high, but Elsa now 14 months walks more like a fox with her tail fairly low except when she is out without the other two, when she walks with her tail as high as the others. I am confused any ideas ?

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I never think of looking at high tail carriage for confidence.  More concerned if it is up and straight for aggression.  Hawk is a very confident boy and depending on what is going on he never carries his tail in the same position.  Meeting friends it is low and waging.  Up and waving when he is happy and hunting.

Most of mine walk along with their tails extending level with their topline and usually gently wagging. They hold their tails higher if they see another dog approaching, but it generally relaxes down once they feel there is no problem.

Callum is the exception. On the lead, his tail is down and just turned up at the end. He doesn't care for being on the lead! It all changes off lead:) Then we have furious wagging side to side and with Finn its usually round and round!!!

I agree with Jo that up and straight and stiff is confronting. You can almost feel the bristling!




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