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I have never been to Crufts mainly because I am in two minds about the whole show business side of dog breeding and also because it's a bit of a trek to get to Birmingham from the South Coast.

However, I fear it's the only time I'll ever be able to see a whole load of Setters of all different shapes and sizes in one place.

So I've been looking at dates and have noticed that the gundogs are lined up for Sat 9th March which is nice because I won't need to take time off work and the hubby will be able to look after the Peril. 

Is anyone here thinking of attending the show? And what are the general recommendations for newcomers to dog shows? Are all the Setter breeds kept in one area? Are breeders/exhibitors happy to let you interact with their dogs and ask questions?


Any thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated.


Best, KC

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I will be there with a dog. This a huge Show in 5 different halls all linked together. Wear comfy clothes, comfy shoes and bring lots of money , they have everything for dogs. Also bring your own food, what they sell to eat is not particularly good and very expensive! 9th of March is Gundogs day and yes you will see lots of setters and be able to talk to Breeders. Your own dog will not be allowed in, so don't bring him with you. See you there! :-)

Nice one Catherine. I always wanted to meet your dog(s).   :P

And thanks for the advice about clothes and food. Will have to bring a backpack with supplies (looks like it could be a very long day).

Sorry, Catherine. I should have said "I always wanted to meet your dog(s) and make your acquaintance". Getting paranoid now....

I assume you will be very busy though and wanting to catch up with other breeders so wouldn't want to disturb you. Can you tell us which dog you will be showing, please? Or will there be some kind of programme available at the ring so that visitors know who they are looking at? I can imagine that for the untrained eye the dogs can become a bit of a red blur....



There will be a catalogue and you will find us all in there with our benches numbers....so, very easy to locate us....I am usually at Crufts especially to meet my friends from France and the Continent, but it is a very long day and I will have plenty of spare time to meet you and have a chat :-)

Sound advice and KC&E have a great time, you'll love it.   I assume Peril is a setter???  Great name.

Wishing you good luck for the day Catherine.  Who is judging this year???  

I can't wait to watch, this year I may "know" some people there!!! Good luck to all!

Thanks for the info Finn. Ah that's a shame about the judging times (same problem applies to other breeds, I guess). I'd hoped that dogs of similar breeds would be shown in alternating sessions so that visitors had the opportunity to see them all.

I assumed that breeders would be incommunicado because they have to stay focussed. That's why I asked whether - as a visitor - it would be OK to approach them. Sounds like some who are happy to chat though.


Hi KC&E, you'll have a lovely time,  When showing there is quite a lot of time waiting to go into the ring and most of us like to talk Setter.  The setter people are a friendly bunch and when you buy a catalogue (quite expensive and take cash to buy otherwise it's a pain).  Catherine will be able to tell you what they cost these days could be £10.   The catalogue may even some of your dogs family at the show.  Have you contacted the breeder because they may be there too and would be pleased to see you taking an interest. 

Take plenty of water with you because there is a lot of dust about and one gets very thirsty, coffee/tea somehow doesn't work.


Ive been a few times and really enjoyed it...makes a good (and expensive) day out. The IS are so well behaved compared to some other breeds there.

It's nice to compare all the dogs and disagree with the judges decision !

We took our own food last time and I would do so again.

I don't know if i'm going or not this year.

I have never been to Crufts either even though i live in Birmingham but as you said with the gundogs being on the saturday i have also decided to go this year and i am looking forward to seeing all the setters and maybe meeting some of the ES members, Catherine thanks for the advice of comfy shoes i'll remember that. 

Brill! Always happy to meet up Ellen.





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