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I have never been to Crufts mainly because I am in two minds about the whole show business side of dog breeding and also because it's a bit of a trek to get to Birmingham from the South Coast.

However, I fear it's the only time I'll ever be able to see a whole load of Setters of all different shapes and sizes in one place.

So I've been looking at dates and have noticed that the gundogs are lined up for Sat 9th March which is nice because I won't need to take time off work and the hubby will be able to look after the Peril. 

Is anyone here thinking of attending the show? And what are the general recommendations for newcomers to dog shows? Are all the Setter breeds kept in one area? Are breeders/exhibitors happy to let you interact with their dogs and ask questions?


Any thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated.


Best, KC

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oh its a fantastic day out i can assure you .ive only had red setters as pets never bred but about 7 years ago i went for the first time .the buzz i got was amazing id never felt anything like it before all these beautiful beautiful red dogs (they are 1 if not the biggest entry breed ) in one place and im sure they know all eyes are on them because they walk round with such an elegant strut oh im getting excited just thinking about it.ive had the pleasure of sitting in the ring where the dogs are shown and they all have their own personalities and ive had many whose come to me  .ive also met some nice people whose often willing to give advice ect one whom i think of as a special lady we have become good friends and i have learnt such a lot from her and shes also been a big shoulder to cry on when my lovely layla went blind . (yes its you dee one in a million thank you )

I think you can watch a live link here:


HI all,sounds it will be a great day for those we are there: ENJOY!! does anybody know if is possible to see bits of the setter session on TV? maybe tonight at 6.30 on more4 is the setter time?





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