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Just heard the saddest news that tendhara satisfaction has been poisoned , likely at crufts. ...I really hope is not true ...

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Silvia I saw it on FB and my heart sank.....terrible thing for anyone to do ever.....can not get my head around someone so twisted,mean and cruel. My heart felt sympathy to Dee,Jeremy and Ales. 

Yes sherry we were also shocked. .I hope that it was somebody unrelated to the crufts. ..such a horrible thing indeed.

A very sad and cruel loss.Whoever did it is beyond comprehension.

Our deepest sympathy goes to Dee and Jeremy and Jagger's co-owners.

Joan and Howard

And the world gets a little uglier!

This is just beyond belief. I haven't been around the show scene for some time, and cannot accept that things have got so bad.

My sympathy to Dee and Jeremy and co-owners.

It was bad enough hearing this on the news, but that someone could do this to an Irish Setter left me speechless with a lump in my throat.  

 I am glad that it seems that Jagger wasn't poisoned when at Crufts but it doesn't lessen the blow or the hideous actions of whoever did it.

I agree Howard !!

It has been quite some time since I have logged on here ... we moved and life got busy.  But I just wanted to share my despair with like-minded souls over the horror that anyone would harm an irish setter.  I have come to expect human beings to treat one another miserably, but how anyone could look into the soft, sweet face of a setter and feel malice is just beyond my comprehension.  My heart goes out to the family.

This was very tragic, but without the facts we don't know how he got the poison. It seems it happened in Belgium and he may have picked up something that was planted to poison rodents. That seems easier to believe than someone actually feeding him the poison to cause him harm. Still a tragic result.


Yes indeed. Still a tragic dramatic story but maybe an accident. . So at least not as worse to digest as people initially feared . .thanks god. I hope it can help the family to cope with the loss..




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