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My latest addition to our family is now 7 months old. He is the first 'curly' one! His incoming feathers on body, legs and chest are pretty straight, but his back is really curly. I am wondering if that will change? Probably not, but how can I handle that best when preparing for a show? He lost his curls around his ears when I trimmed him for his first show, so I know I can handle that part.


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Oh thanks for that Eva, we have a towelling coat that we normally use, so I will give that a go too..fingers crossed it will sort those few little kiss curls out lol.
Eeeeek Tracy!!!!!!!! Not a good idea, regardless of what instrument you use it is still stripping!!!! You will split the hair. Thank god your puppy will cast this coat and, hopefully, grow back straighter. Please, please don't strip a Setter's coat. It will end up being short on the body and ragged at the ends, like a razor cut. There are other ways of straightening. Check out products that you can apply to "relax" the coat as you blow dry and use a drycoat.
Hi Tracy. We have discussed coat presentation many times on this Forum, including the differences between the US and Europe. Both standards say "of moderate length". Tracy.....how short is "short"? Would it be like stripping a cocker, because that is short. Are we talking sculpting?
We do not touch the body coat, other than to brush it and, if excessively wavey, to bring it under control with the use of the drycoat etc, as previously described.




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