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Dear all

long time I am not posting and I feel soo bad! But here we are again, now with bad news.

Unfortunately Obi has been diagnosed with Cushing. It has taken several tests (also quite expensive, >2k so far) but now we got the diagnosis 10 days ago..

Symptoms were: drinking obsessively, wanted to go out in the middle of the night for a long wee, extremely high blood pressure (250!)
The US revealed both adrenal glands enlarged (so pituatury) and he is also positive to AHTC test and low dose test.

Results are no dramatically high, so it looks as a very early phase. The blood pressure is now down to a comfortable 130, and is under control with fortekor .. The reduction of the blood pressure also made the drinking less acute (although is still a bit there)

We really dont know whether to start treatment (Vetoryl) or watch and monitor.. For the moment we take him on holiday and in 2-3 months we will repeat the AHTC test and make a decision..

Is a difficult trade off since I understand that treatment is aggressive and typically dogs under treatment survive on average ~2 years.. (although some can have a nice life for much longer!) .. On the other hand is also true that untreated dogs can do quite badly..
where would you draw the line?

The AHTC test was up to 780, and the low dose test was: 103, 44 after 4h and 56 after 8h

any hand on experience is appreciated.. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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Ah seeing this now .. I see you have already had the tests ... Veteroyl is a powerful drug as you will likely know but it has helped considerably... Cushings is unpredictable and as we all needed him to be well we started as those middle of the night trips for a pee were torture for everyone including Murph... He was undiagnosed for a while so his values in the testing were slightly higher ...
You mention a survival rate of 1-2 yrs after starting the medication (slightly lower than I have researched) .. Its not Cushings on its own nor the Veteroyl its the additional challenges it can bring ... Murph was extremely uncomfortable (terrible panting) so the decision to start was easier for us .. The last 14mths have been made better for him ... He now has a pancreas issue and as a result can be a very poor eater (we keep an eye that it’s not Addisons) but we have good pain relief for him and he’s still himself with his cheeky attitude... He is though developing skin issues (v minor)...
I wish you well as Cushings can go in all sorts of annoying ways and there is no text book case ... keep in touch :-)

Dear Delia

thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, we should take the days as they come: as you said there is no text book case.. Hope all goes well with Murphy for a long long time. I will post here how we go .. for now we will take him on holidays next week (for 3 weeks in Corsica, nearest vet to the camping is 2h driving so I wont start anything before to leave in any case..)... In autumn we will repeat the ATCH test to see the progression rate and we will make a decision. But as more as I read, as more as I convince myself that we cant hold it for long and maybe treatment would be a better choice at some point. Your words are very reassuring (regarding the medication i mean), so many thanks. keep in touch : )

Hi Silvia

I haven't looked at ES for a very long time either and am very sorry to hear about Obi, and also Murphy (hi Delia). I thought I would provide this link to an article of Peter Dobias who I came across when I was trying to help my boy, Hobson, not that Hobson had Cushing's Disease but he suffered severely because of the constant misdiagnoses of vets. This article might possibly help in some way - Holistic Approach to Cushing's Disease . Hopefully your vets did the Urine Cortisol test first and they have been thorough in their diagnoses. I wish you both the very best. Please give Obi and Murphy some hugs from me. Misty will be 8yo on 26 July. I treasure every day I have with my beautiful girl because the serious health problems in English Setters and all purebred dogs are not improving. Susan xxx

Dear all

thanks very much for the kind words! Dear Susan, thanks for the link. Yes, we did the Urine test and, honestly, all possible tests.. Our vet is fantastic and very very careful.  We have the fortune to have a vet in which we have maximum trust, which is a big fortune as you know very well unfortunately..

Just a further question, in case Delia or other people with affected dogs are on line. I am wondering, which dose of vetoryl is used in your case? I asked the vet what she has in mind in case we start "a very low dose treatment" upon return, and she said 10 to 20 mg. It looks very low (which is good) since i read that the dose usually start at ~2mg er kg (and Oberon is very tall ,  35Kg weight).What is your experience?

thanks everyone and all the best





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