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Murphy has recently been diagnosed with Cushings ... I have had a look at other discussions on the topic but can’t see any reference to appetite... 

He is panting, lethargic, blood work isn’t good ... he was under normal levels for ACHT but I am told fairly close ... But his appetite isn’t as good he is eating but only with a lot of encouragement.. which doesn’t fit with what I read on other sites ... but curious if your dogs were ravenous? 


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Sorry Delia, I just saw this after I posted a message on the Cushing subject . I am very sorry for Murphy. Oberon appetite is high and ravenous: he's always been a picky eater so is strange to see that he's now licking the bowl.. He's not panting, but slowed down a bit. Since Oberon is 9years and 4 months I thought he's slowing down because of age, now retrospectively I start thinking that Cushing may also have some role.. rather then that he's doing well

I am curious about the "blood work" you mentioned: what is wrong with Murphy in the blood test? Do you start treating him or just wait for now? We are in a dilemma.. All the best and I hope that Murphy can feel better soon and you can find the way to manage the illness for him!

Silvia and Oberon

Hi ...

I posted this a while back ..his ACTH test was done incorrectly a re test confirmed Cushings ...
The blood work I referred to was his liver and kidney functions .. I now know more and both those can be abnormal in a Cushings dog ... We began treatment and within a few weeks seen a happy more comfortable Murphy re appear ...
Lately he has developed pancreatic problems and he also has hypothyroidism (both can be fairly common in Cushings cases) ... We have strong painkillers for the pancreas as it’s all still manageable.., Good days and more difficult ones .. but he’s still my cheeky chap ..
I would advise you get your vet to do the ACTH and that will be the best pointer to help you decide if you need drugs ..We use Veteroyl he’s now on a fairly high dose from the one he started on ..

Best of luck from us both :-)

Dear Delia

thanks a lot , i just see the date of your post, how I could have been so stupid.. I am a bit under shock, as you can imagine , from the new diagnosis so please sorry for this. I am happy that Murphy is doing well as much as he can. I understand treatment was a mandatory option for him, while I still dont know what is best to do with Oberon.. we did the test, i posted the situation in the other forum


Kidney are ok for us, while liver is a bit on the high range but still within normal... I am sorry the pancreas and thyroid are giving problems to poor Murphy, i didnt know this can happens (why pancreas can cause such a pain?) but i guess we will learn with time..

i would be grateful if we can keep in touch and share experiences from time to time. Hope Murphy will do well for many years to come! for sure he has love ! thanks!! silvia




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