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My pup appears to have tiny flakes of skin appear at the base of her spin. Does anyone know the best way to deal with this? Her skin is fine underneath, she doesnt appear to be scratching and is happy in herself. Someone adviced to rub cod liver oil into her coat but did not want to try until anyone else has adviced?

Thank you


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Not sure what Cod liver oil is going to do...in the dog not on the dog perhaps...try giving some oil in her food...(but not too much Cod liver oil,) it can deplete the body of (not exactly sure) Vitamin A or something like that..but a lot of dogs get flaky skin... Have you spoken to the vet??... if all is well there, (at the vet.) then she will grow out of it...so don't worry, I have known mine to suddenly get flaky skin when we are at a show...

She already has cod liver oil in her food. I have not spoken to the vet as its very tiny. Diane

I was told by one of my puppy owners that her puppy had some kind of mite...it is called ''creeping dandruff' and apparently very common...although I have to say that this was not actually the case...nothing wrong with the puppies....but apparently it can be picked up from rabbits...but cod liver oil is OK in small quantaties...I give Salmon Oil daily and alternate this with Vetech Oil and haven't had any kind of ''dandruff' since feeding it...they are worth a try...

I use salmon oil for all our dogs. It's quite expensive but it lasts while. I put 2 spoons in their food, once a day.

Darcey used to have quite dry skin and our oldest dog has skin allergies and it's worked wonders with both!


Hope that helps!

Oberon had an episode of dandruff - i only noticed after showering him - a while ago, and in that period we were giving  him quite often a lamb neck (say 2-3 times a week, since he loves it..) . A friend of us suggested it  was a too fat meat, so  we stopped and the dandruff disappeared.. now I only give him lamb meat more occasionally, say a  piece every one or two weeks.. Sometimes dandruff is a syntom that they eat  something too heavy: have you considered this possibility?

(pork meat is a no-no for us, but in italy none of my knowledge is giving pork meat to dogs, since it is considered to be too fat.. I noticed  in this forum several people feed pork, so maybe is a matter of what you are being used to.. )

Thank you for your reply what is spokie our house is called Oberon, anyway her diet has not changed since we have had her apart from that she has sometimes had fish added to her biscuits. She has cod liver oil, evening primrose and garlic which the breeder recommended. Diane

I get mine from Pooch and Mutt they aren't that expensive and do deals on three bottles its cheeper..and with multiple dogs that has got to be better....

Love the name.

Good name good stuff....I get a lot of 'stuff' from them....very prompt delivery too

Thanks Sue.....I knew that there would be someone who would know what these little 'things' were called.....I just couldn't remember. Old age me thinks....


Harry had terrible "dandruff" when he was a puppy, it would come and go despite and in spite of everything we did or didn't and as someone else said, seemed to be worse when showing for some odd reason!! We used a special shampoo when bathing him for quite a while, recommended by the vet which seemed to help and of course I have now forgoten the name which is useless of me but am sure someone here will know...anyway, the main thing is that he seemed to "grow out of it" and now has a beautiful coat..mine all have cod liver oil regularly which I think helps....and tea!! Asmall amount every morning when they get up lol!!

Hi Diane

This might sound funny, but I think my Karla gets "dandruff" from too much Omega oils.

Last weekend, on the day before the show, I noticed that she had white flakes on her back.  I thought long and hard on what might have changed recently - The only two things that I could think of, was that I changed her food from  chicken-based to fish-based and that I started giving Omega 3 & 6 oils every day instead of once a week.

I stopped giving the additional oils, but kept her on the fish-based food.

A week later there was not a single trace of flaking to be seen.




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