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My pup appears to have tiny flakes of skin appear at the base of her spin. Does anyone know the best way to deal with this? Her skin is fine underneath, she doesnt appear to be scratching and is happy in herself. Someone adviced to rub cod liver oil into her coat but did not want to try until anyone else has adviced?

Thank you


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I am wondering if its the fish that i have added to her diet and from what you have said this confirms it. She does have 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil so i am wondering if she is having too much fish oil. I suppose only time will tell. Its only tiny amount of dried skin but with them having such rich dark hair it makes it look worse than it is. Diane

Hi Estelle

Some dogs get 'scurfy' when at a show...I personally put it down to a little bit of stress...only a little bit, probably more excitement.

And hi there again Diane

Please be careful with cod liver oil...as I said before I was told by a vet once, that it did more harm than good when it is given every day, I hope that the 1 teaspoon is only once a week..but this is just a suggestion, please don't let me tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing....

Hi Dee

It could be the show 'stress', but the thing is that I noticed the flaking on the day before the show; even before I had given Karla her show bath. It was pretty bad at the show, but the following week (after I stopped with the additional oils) we had another show and then there was no trace of flaking.

Well Estelle, it seems that you have knocked it on the head all by yourself....ie too much oil...if you leave the oils out and the dandruff doesn't come back, then hey you sussed it....and then gradually one bit at a time start adding the oils back, and you will probably end up finding which one was the culprit...proses of illimintion...great....;o)

Diane - have you tried primrose oil? It's a supplement for healthy skin. Errol gets one capsule a day with his breakfast - not a flake in sight.

Yes she has evening primerose oil, garlic and cod liver oil as that is what the breeder recommended and her dogs also have it. Looks like it has cleared up again as i have stopped the oils for a few days. Diane




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