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I checked and this discussion has already been started on this site. I read a few comments. I could not read the complete discussion. I decided to raise this discussion again in this group because I believe every member will be sympathic. I believe it is noteworthy that debarking has been banned in the UK because this procedure is deemed as mutilation. From my research very few vets debark dogs in the USA and there are steps in place to also ban this procedure. Unfortunately Australia continues to lag way behind and never learns from the mistakes of other countries. We are supposed to be a country of animal lovers. I continue to seriously question this. 

I am seeing first hand the dreadful consequences of this barbaric, mutilating procedure performed by a vet for the convenience of an English Setter breeder. This is happening to my sweet Hammer. The consequences of this barbaric procedure could end Hammer's life. If you knew Hammer, he has an incredible temperament, he is a total gentleman, all he asks is for you to love him. When Hammer came to me on 22 November 2006 he was traumatised because his voice had been taken away from him.

Hammer became a Grand Champion for his previous owners.

I have attached a recent photo of Hammer, taken 2 days after his 10th Birthday, not a good photo but this photo shows his complete devotion to me, lying beside my computer chair, which he is doing right at this very moment. I feel humbled and privileged that this beautiful English Setter loves me so much and I hope we can get him through the trauma he is suffering. He is coughing up blood. He is struggling to breathe. He does not deserve to continue to suffer this way.

It is my opinion that debarking is a barbaric and mutilating procedure and this procedure should be banned in every country in this world. I am going to do what I can to ban this procedure in Australia. I am usually a flexible person but in this instance I will not consider any reason for debarking any dog. The problem is with the human. The problem is not with the dog.

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It is extremely difficult for me to write about Hammer at the moment but I am his voice and I did start this topic. You might have to read between the lines.

Hammer did not die from a heart attack. He died from an internal haemorrhage and I do not need to tell you where. I do not understand why I was misinformed but maybe it is related to why Hammer’s vet in general practice ignored my email and phone calls about what we could do to help Hammer in March 2011 (I worded this nicer). Hammer did not have leukaemia at that time. Leukaemia is rare in a dog. Essentially Hammer was a healthy dog.

The reason I proceeded with chemotherapy was because the vet specialist told me Hammer’s condition was treatable, and I believe it was.

I regret now I did not take a photo of Hammer when I visited him in the lunch hour on 2 August because he looked much better. Hammer broke away from the vet nurse and came out to me in the waiting area wagging his tail furiously. The clients in the waiting area did not even think Hammer was sick. They all said how beautiful Hammer was and several of them came over and patted him.  

Thank you to those who have supported me during this terrible time for my beautiful boy, Hammer.

This is a photo of Hammer taken a couple of days after he came to live with us in 2006. I was trying to make the bed. This is where an English Setter should sleep and not outside in a kennel run. An English Setter needs to be with his human family.


Susan ....been off line for a while and hated to find your posts about Hammer when I logged on tonight.  I am so very sorry for your loss and for all that Hammer had to go thru.  Please know you did everything you could to help Hammer but most of all you gave each other the greatest gift of all......LOVE.  Carry Hammer gently in your heart  knowing he is watching over you each day. Hugs to you all .  Sherry




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