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Did Abbie look at the signpost to Rainbow bridge ?

Hi Guys

Last night Abbie lay by my feet and gently clawed at my leg. I got down on the floor to see what was wrong with her, and her eyes has gone completly clear like I could see right through them, like a very pale green marble. They stayed like this for an hour until she went to sleep. This morning they were back to normal.

Abbie has had two strokes one at 2 1/2 a major one and a minor one at 4. Abbie is epileptic has liver decease ( from 6 years on meds.) and cussions decease resulting in very thin fur and a few bald patches.

I phoned the vet this morning hoping he may tell me what this could have been,the receptionist said I need to make an appointment.I dont want to do this as when I was at the vets with her two weeks ago they didnt sound hopful and I know what they may say, I am not ready to make this decision yet, and nor is Abbie ( I know my dog.) So wondered if anyone had seen this eye problem, sorry if I bring back bad memories. Thank you so much <:0)

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No answers just best wishes for you and your girl Abbie.

If there is no irritation, redness or discharge from the eye then I think what your dog might have is Lenticular Sclerosis. 

It happens gradually to a lot of dogs over six years and is caused by the normal ageing process.

You will notice the difference in her eyes are different times of the day depending on the light available. It can often show up clearly if you take a photo of your dogs face in natural light. Take a photo in bright daylight, again in normal light at dusk and by artificial light at night then compare them.

Two of my dogs had it from about 9 years old.

Thank you so much Torie, I feel quite silly now about the bridge. Abbie did seam to be drifting off, and I am very worried about her at the moment. I shall google this see what I can learn x

I wish you and Abbie all the luck in the world.I hope she can survive this.Thinking of you .

Love from us all here.


I really hope Abbie's health improves, I know how worrying it is when any of our dogs are unwell.

I think sometimes we suffer more than they do :)

You will know what to do and when. X

Glad Torie could help here, just wanted to send a huge cuddle to your lovely Abbie Angela.

Thank you all, just wanted to give you an update. Abbie is no worse for her experiance will always have her other problems.I have kept monatoring her eyes and this has not happened again. read up on Lenticular Sclerosis and it may not have been this because it was the pupil that went clear as I could see a very thin brown rim, I am still anoyed at the vet (or receptionist ) obviously it was a waste of time taking her down there the next day as there was nothing to see,but I think concidering he has more that £3,000 from me every year he could have phoned just to give me some possibilitys but that is another topic <:0)

Don't get me going about vets Angela.  I have changed practices three times in two years!

They like to get money out of us for even the smallest details.  It does not matter to them if you have spent thousands of pounds with them, they always want a bit more of your hard earned cash!

Their mark-up on drugs is around 300-500% and not forgetting the sundries they like to push onto unsuspecting owners....I got this info from let's just say 'a insider'......lol

Dont get me wrong I have a very good vet, likes a good lifstyle though !! I have to wonder on this occation if in fact it was the receptionist, I dont believe she passed on my message just by the way she spock, she is a new one there, all the others recognise my voice when I ring up aways say `good morning Mrs Clarke` as soon as I speak.

Dear Angela

I am so pleased that Abbie is alright. It is hard for me at the moment to comment on anything which involves distress for any loving owner of any Setter. It is wonderful to hear your good news. Please give Abbie many gentle hugs from me and many English Setter kisses from Hobson.xxxxx from Susan and Hobson




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