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My seven year old Irish setter who is otherwise quite well was recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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One of mine had this and was also diagnosed at the age of 7yrs. He was treated with various medications, which made a tremendous difference to his state of health. He had monthly check ups to make sure that he was ok and only had further heart scans if things seemed to be getting worse. Each time this happened, his medication was altered slightly and he improved again. Once diagnosed and on the medication he was once more able to live life to the full. His quality of life improved greatly and he lived to be 14 yrs old.
Hi Michelle - thanks for your reply. My Benjamin is on medication ( ACE inhibitor) and is doing quite well so far. I am so glad your dog lived to a ripe old age - I hope the same will be true for us.
Hi Sue - his enlarged heart was diagnosed on Xray and the vet thinks it is due to cardiomyopathy.




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